its only tuesday??

this is what happens when i really focus in on work.
i lose track of nearly everything else going on around me.

and it doesnt help that my camera and i are at odds at the moment, so not many pictures to post about.  remember when i dropped my lens and had to order another one?  well, since i didnt exactly just have lens money laying around to replace my carelessness, i kinda bought a shady lens from a cheap shady site online for like $40 less than one from a shade-less site.  {which begs the question...is that $40 i saved really worth it? my current verdict = NO}

its never worked well and kinda jumps around and sometimes doesnt focus on desired subject and no matter how many times i correctly clean the lens i still get little fuzzy spots on all my pics {yall might not notice the spots, and i shoot manually most of the time to try to counteract my ridiculous lens, but i notice and its crazy!}.

ok enough of my camera soap opera and onto some pics i DO have, along with some inspiration i stumbled across in my files today while working.

DSC_0337 copy
{seriously...these are the best i have!! :) }

and that about {sadly} does it with my kiddie pics since two weekends ago!

moving on to a completely unrelated subject: when it comes to design i greatly appreciate coastal and wood-sy inspired designs {please note: by "coastal" and "woodsy" i do NOT mean cliche styles.  as discussed in other posts i am not one for themed spaces...}.  however, its a slight peeve of mine when people live, say, in the midwest and try to decorate their house like they are on the gulf coast.  something about it seems so false and phony to me.  {no offense!}
even though we are in a coastal city, we are just far enough away from the actual beach that i still draw a fine line on what is "appropriate design" inland vs. beach-side.

SO, i am thrilled that one of the jobs im working on right now is a space that will genuinely allow me to branch into a different style of design.  i am working up plans for a "camp" type house for my parents about an hour away from mobile.  and when i say "camp," i am referring to hunting camp, but not a typical hunting camp as one would picture {honestly as i would picture, since our family's hunting camp for years was a trailer}.  the house isnt huge, but we are designing it to sleep all us kids AND present and future grandkids {think bunk rooms}.  i can already picture the family gatherings that will take place here and it makes the design process even that much more exciting.  i consider myself a woodsy gal and imagine they will eventually have to force ask me to leave as i fear i will want to take up permanent residence if they let me.  

here are a few pics from the southern living 2010 georgia idea house i stumbled across recently.  im sure they have made their way around blogland, but i just really loved the colors and textures and plant life overall feel - the room feels alive.
i am very much a texture person {if you cant tell from other design posts}.  the mixing of finishes and fabrics and materials makes me swoon.
notice the green velvet stools.
i have an ongoing love affair with green velvet.
will post soon.

SL southern kitchen 1
SL southern kitchen 2
SL southern kitchen 3

i hope to be back again this week, but no promises!
crazy life :)

{jill if you are reading this please click HERE , and erin s if you are reading this please click HERE...and look at our babies!!!!!! no WAY...came across these when i was trying to find that old post about my broken lens :)}


  1. I was planning my comment inviting myself to your parents house in the making and then saw your ps...oh my goodness. They were such babies! Jacks hair and B's cheeks were the most striking to me. I was newly preg with Charlie that playground trip. :)

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  3. who in the world has that many rolling pins??
    someone with a gorgeous kitchen i suppose.

  4. when i saw you say "erin s" i immediately thought u were talking to me and then i realized i'm not erin s anymore!


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