very pretty things

these chairs recently ordered for a client

this lamp

this picture

lonny mirror foyer
{via lonny via two ellie}

this bed

this kitchen with its 8' ceilings {gives me hope for ours}

ap open kitchen

these bookshelves with their subtle color change

HOT awesome house 2

this homemade fried chicken, finally
{adapted roughly from here}
DSC_0384 copy

this weather

DSC_0360 copy 
DSC_0304 copy

DSC_0327 copy

this baby

DSC_0369 copy

however, THIS, is anything but pretty.
who DOES that??


  1. Ahhh that picture of Em makes my heart race!

  2. NATALIE! Look at your babies!!! They are gorgeous. Love all those pics. So so so SO sad about Toomer's corner. What is wrong with some people??

  3. ps bennett on the swing looks like a GAP kids ad or something...GOODness.

    and emory is the gerber baby

    that is all

  4. Ohhh what a sweet pic of Emory!! She is growing up so fast! Such a pretty girl!

  5. Love these pix of those precious babies! And equally sick about those Toomer's Oaks! Love ya'll, La

  6. It's just awful about Toomer's oaks. Horrible!

    But your babies sure are purty!

    And the lamp—I love it! I have one just like it and it's absolutely one of my favorites.

  7. Your babes are so photogenic, that picture of your fried chicken is mouthwatering, and I am just sick about the Toomer oaks!

  8. aaaahhhhh i am absolutely in LOVE with your children! and loving the fact that you have a new camera....


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