who wrote the book of love?

if youre asking me,
she did

DSC_0019 copy

tis the reason for this blustery valentine season

DSC_0026 copy
and 'tis the fabulous feeling that consumes you me when gazing at this precious face
DSC_0010 copy

one of my favorite people EVER obviously knows and loves me a lot as she texted me today to tell me she was bringing her brand new D90 with her to pick up the boys from school so i could take it home and play with it.
THAT is love you guys.
i am in camera love.
but even a fabulous camera cannot make up for user choosing to look at laughing baby instead of through the lens, which apparently results in blurry, uncentered {but precious laughing} pictures

it is so good

emorys little light pink jammies got me thinking about PINK.
did you know it is this years "color" according to pantone?
 everyone in the deisgn world is coming up with rooms celebrating this particular shade of pink.
can i go out on a limb and just say im not really a fan?
{you can now count me as shunned i suppose}

im a picky-pink-person.
while i can appreciate some pops of bright pink here or there...generally rooms all "done up" in this particular "honeysuckle" shade make me cringe a little.
i wouldnt last five minutes in a room like that without developing a splitting headache and/or starting to throw things.
{i promise im not really violent...}

the color pink i love to wear and SEE is more on the pale-with-touches-of-gray-pink side of the spectrum.
here are some spaces that i believe properly and tastefully use this fabulous color, in honor of the month of LOVE

pale pink and gray room martha stewart
LOVE LOVE LOVE..old worn wood floors, warm gray trim, linen settee, perfect pink walls, somewhat-strange-but-hey-it-works-because-its-personal collection of art...i want to walk through that doorway and see what else is in store. via martha stewart
pale pink den country living
this is on the verge of too much pink for me, but i still think its gorgeous and very well done - via countryliving
pale pink living room
i love so much about this room and have no idea where i found it: the layers of color, texture, the velvet ottoman with nail head trim, the antiques, the silhouette sketches around the fireplace, the chandelier just hanging so unexpectedly over the rolled arm sofa, and of course the barely-pink walls.  it looks so lived in, but so effortless.  fabulous
pale pink sitting room house beautiful
perhaps a little peach, but nice. via housebeautiful
pale pink bathroom angelique bernstschke
if i ever had the chance to actually sit and take a bath {HA}, i think i would like to do it here, in this pink bathroom by angelique bernatschke - with the fireplace roaring, a big ole glass of perfectly chilled red wine, and some eva cassidy playing surround sound.
pale pink kitchen chairs house to home
precious cottage-y feel kitchen with mismatched pink cushions/rags on the chairs, via house to home
pale pink white sofa and chandelier
so romantic i could probably make myself faint on the sofa vivien-leigh-esque
pale pink bed canopy
the striped rug helps ground this airy feminine room with its trendy-yet-classic printed canopy. pink oxfords=fabulous
pale pink headboard tracery
gorgeous grayed-pink headboard by tracery interiors. love this little girls room - emory doesnt know it yet but this is SO her.

dont you just feel all warm and cosy now?
go give some one a hug and spread the love!
have a fantastic weekend

"...Love is all you need..."
the Beatles


  1. These pix are fantastic! I don't blame you one bit for looking at her NOT through the lens! Adorable! And the pink? Well,,,let's just say, I love it on Em--but grownup walls? Hmmmmmm! Love ya'll :-), La

  2. Emory is absolutely beautiful! I especially love that first picture.

    And the pink. Thanks for your confession! I'm not really a fan of honeysuckle either:( and I am also a picky-pink person. The rooms you chose are beautiful! Those shades, and amounts, I could probably handle.

    Loved talking with you the other day! Hope you're having a great day!

  3. OK.....so I love the new blog links...however...I have successfully frittered away WAAAAYYYY too much time! I could become addicted! :-) Love ya, La

  4. goodness that little babe really is ADORABLE!! those eyes!!!

    and i totally agree about the new "color of the year"...i've been seeing it all over the blog world and i dont get it? maybe having a pink room as a middle schooler scarred me. who knows. in my book, a little goes a looooong way

  5. Adorable! She is just precious! Makes me miss mine being babies.

  6. I do indeed love you very much...so glad you had fun with the camera. I can't get over Emory, I just want to kiss her sweet, sweet face off. And I must confess I love pink now more than ever...a reaction to life with blue and cars and balls and BOYS i'm sure.

  7. UMMM Emory is beautiful!! THOSE EYE'S! Oh my word!! Love ya - cant wai tto see you this weekend! :)

  8. she is so crazy perfect. *LOVE*

    and agree w/ ur pink assessment... i mean, i had a bright fushia wall in my room as u remember....

  9. Emory is adorable!! I am also with you on the pink on all levels. I'm more of a red girl myself, and pink is cool in small doses!

  10. love this!! thanks for sharing natalie, and could emory be any cuter?!?

  11. where do I begin, with those pictures of Emory! MyMy, she is so brighteyed :)
    Even shedding pink rooms in their best light, I think I'd tire of them pretty quickly.


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