alabama hurricane

not to be confused with texas tornado

this is normal, right? to go through a week, look up, and two weeks have actually passed?

or to upset yourself with the reality that you have lost your daughters special expensive monogrammed keepsake rattle just to get a call from the local jeweler that you havent even picked it up yet? {but by golly you put up a good fight with the sweet lady on the phone saying you had indeed picked up the rattle weeks ago, until she tells you she is holding said rattle in her hand and you havent touched it since christmas.}

i am accepting that this is my station in life right now...and while i feel extremely blessed i feel equally exhausted.  my self-given title of "full time mom, part time interior designer" is not exactly accurate as of late.

however, i do this to myself and while this may not make sense to my caring husband, the work can be worth the insanity.

my youngest has, in her unfortunate timing, decided to discover her voice much to her parents chagrin.  while talking emory is super cute, funny, and entertaining in daylight hours....well, you can imagine what this sounds like from 10pm-4am {her bewitching hours}.

DSC_0550 copy

she routinely spits out paci and then squeals, ...no squawks, no banshees {can i make that a verb?} until i walk back in there and replace it.  and this has been known to happen every forty five minutes, on the dot, until she finally decides to sleep tight and let mommy and daddy have three or four hours of sleep.


DSC_0541 copy

and in true diva fashion she also just up and decided, after months of solid refusal, that she would take a bottle...like shes been doing it her entire life.

i can only imagine what is in store for us with this girl...for while she can pierce the ear and demand full on hourly attention, she can also give you that eyeeeeeee...and you are under her little girly spell.

DSC_0547 copy

this one


oh this one.
the "threes" are in full force
naps are a thing of the past {please come back please come back please come back}
and in their place are the tantrums.

but just like his younger sister, he can switch it on when he chooses and the spontaneous bear hugs are whats getting me through


so while clean dishes, clean clothes {as exhibited above}, clutter-free surfaces and showers {also exhibited above} may be hard to come by...the whole "fulfilled" aspect of this life is not in short supply.

DSC_0507 copy

my days and heart are quite full.

DSC_0511 copy{photo by sis}

and if my sweet daughter would just let me, my nights might return to their "full" {of sleep} status and the hurricane nature of this present life might return to its tropical storm norm. 

DSC_0558 copy

oh what the heck do what you will you intoxicating-ly addictive little she-devil


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahaha that last sentence is the B E S T.
    and that pic of emory in the stroller with bennett--i swear, there is a pic of baby bennett somewhere that is IDENTICAL.
    love your two handfuls. and you know im always available to babysit :D

  2. I'll tell you what you are gonna do with that she-devil...ANYTHING she wants. Give in now, my friend, because that girly eye is gonna get you every time...can you tell I'm under her spell too?

  3. hahahahaahhahhahaahahaha! She-devil??? hahahahahahahaah! For years, folks have told me how different it is to have girls in the house! I guess we (the boy Roes) are finding out! And we love it so far....even the squealing fits! Looks like Stephen is under the spell! Of course, Mr. B does a pretty good job of spell casting, too! :-) Love ya'll, La

  4. A) the rattle story is hilarious
    B) I live in gym clothes too but don't go to a gym
    C) beautiful, sweet children
    D)you are a great mommy!
    Ok..I'm done!

  5. This had me smiling, no, laughing out loud. She is an ANGEL! Sleep would do wonders; now if we can just figure out how to keep that paci in her mouth! (oh, I bet there are some hilarious ideas for this perplexing predicament). One step at a time and at least she FINALLY took a bottle.
    Bennett, well, he just melts my heart, so what's a little tantrum every now and then ;)

  6. Janice, you speak like a grandmother! Hahahaah! I agree completely! :-)

  7. ahhhhhhh i just love that little diva/she-devil! awesome pictures this post :)

    we had a fun time w yall monday & hope u keep up w this blogging thing :) it brightens my day!

  8. She-devil or not, she is absolutely PRECIOUS!! Could definitely eat her up! LOVE all the pics and hilarious stories, brings back a few memories! You always put a smile on my face and a laugh in my heart! :)

  9. I absolutely love your posts! Made me smile, laugh, and prepare myself for what's to come in a few weeks. :) Emory is such a beautiful little girl! Absolutely precious. As always, LOVE your photos

  10. Love this post!!!! Wow, Emory is really looking like you! Amoungst all the craziness, your kids faces say it all--you are doing an amazing job Mama, and don't you forget it! xo

  11. Love the pictures of Emory and B-man. Not as good as being there but the next-best thing. Love you all, Aunt Elizabeth


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