the girliest day of my life {so far}

was sunday, with the closest contender being my three year old "pink is for little girls they say" dance recital.

well, much of the girliness was established in the days preceeding sunday as i prepared for this self-imposed ode to PINK and GIRL, but sunday it was out in full force.

DSC_0102 copy
i did not, for one second, pretend that any of this was really for emory.  i mean of course it was in honor of her, but heck she was asleep the entire time.  it was definitely mainly for me and the fun i had getting it together.  and for my family, as we all could use a little girliness sometimes.

this was the most elaborate {but cheapest} little get together i have done for my children to date.  did you know that you can rent a 6' table for $6? and chairs for $1.25 each? fabulous.

i pulled out my china, silver {well, all i have of my silver...which is about 6 place settings...i borrowed my moms to help fill in}, "crystal" {which isnt real crystal...i have a pretty good idea that these glasses will break one day.  and when they do, i wont be sobbing over $80 glasses...ill only be about $30 in the hole}, and linen {all things i am SO thankful today that i have, bc when i got married at the ripe ol age of 22 i did not see the practicality in any of these things.  i had to nearly be forced by both my mother and my mother in law to register for them.  today - oh today - me and the jewelry store would be very close friends as i imagine i would register for nearly anything remotely breakable and unpractical.  bring. it. on.}
 DSC_0107 copy
i also borrowed some fabulous pink and white hanging paper lanterns from my sisters sister-in-law, found some fabric for a runner at hancocks, and bought the flowers at fresh market.
DSC_0112 copy
i also spent an entire DAY running around trying to find more pink spray roses.  the entire city was slap out.  for real.  i did learn that i am not a florist.  i like the end product of my arrangements, but it was not what i was originally aiming for and took way too long.  the price of love i tell ya.  the price of love.
DSC_0104 copy
lunch was a friends shrimp and grits, a salad a la my MIL, crescent rolls, and mi mamas sauteed asparagus.
for dessert, cupcakes and cake balls via bittersweets cupcakery.
via my sister
via my sister
our brunch might or might not have turned into linner, despite the usual stress and attempt to get as much done in advance as possible, but thankfully the majority of my family is laid back and rolled with the punches that is a late lunch on a hungry tummy.

speaking of a hungry tummy, i know you know i speak of consuming my children regularly.  this day was a day for the record books.  it might have been the scrunchy little bonnett my MIL made and the way it accentuated her happy cheeks...
DSC_0183 copy

or it could have been the very very OLD vintage dress {bought online, im not going to lie-by-omission and let you think it was some fabulous family heirloom or anything...} and the special handiwork that circled her little wanna-be-chubby baby wrists.
 DSC_0180 copy
or it could have been the jewelry.  the sweet little girly, unnecessary baby jewelry she wore.  a cross necklace of her very own and a flowery little bracelet.  that we were almost late for the baptism for because i made my husband turn around so we could drive back home and get them.. bc i forgot them.  stephen asked if she was also going to wear earrings to which i slowly and thoughtfully responded "no" after slightly considering the frilliness that would be gaudy dangly pearly baby clip on earrings. {i kid i kid}

or it could be the fact that her dress was four feet long and therefore a tripping hazard which was the icing on the cake as far as i was concerned. 
DSC_0184 copy
OR it could have been that i knew she was wearing a special handmade-by-my-momma slip and some frilly lace diaper covers under said enormous dress.  just in case a breeze blew by and her four foot long skirt  happened to blow up or something. {per my mother in laws reasoning :) }

well, it could have been all of this but the bottom line is i was chomping at the bit.
and she WILL be wearing this dress again very soon.  because i, in typical cruel-momma fashion, will dress her up again and take 800 pictures.  this is what i DO.  but shes a girl and girls like dress up right??

it was a fabulous day full of girliness, yes, but much more importantly a commitment was made on sunday that means so much more than vintage dresses and pink flowers.
DSC_0126 copy
as parents, as a family, and as a church we committed to raise emory in a christian household, where she will always know the truth of Jesus Christ and the love of her heavenly Father.
via my sister erin

she will be surrounded by faithful, loving, caring people who promised to support her and us in this journey.  i pray the Word of our Lord is not foreign to her, bc she hears it constantly from her two parents, her extended family, and her church family, and that she feels it impressed upon her heart.  i pray she never questions the love that this world and, more importantly, heaven beyond holds for her.  it is such a trying, scary, and life altering responsibility, but it does give me great peace and promise knowing there are so many people in our lives sharing in this commitment.
via my sister erin

my newly brunette sister and hubs:
DSC_0232 copy

posing with the godfather:
DSC_0191 copy

and now the godmother montage:
DSC_0206 copy
DSC_0214 copy
DSC_0217 copy

and now, getting REAL:
DSC_0194 copy
my babies have reflux.  and CHEEKS. and apparently even the littlest of them has a double chin.

all in all, despite trivial forgotten jewelry, brunches-turned-linners, pretty bad corneal abrasions {bennett + sand = eye patch}, and rental chair scratches on newly refinished floors, id say sunday was a pretty successful day.  all the truly important ingredients were not forgotten, and i feel blessed to say our daughter is, indeed, quite blessed and loved.
via my sister erin

DSC_0163 copy
and i am thankful
DSC_0143 copy
and pale.


  1. ahh this post was worth waiting for! such a beautiful little shin dig. such perfect girly-ness. i love all these pictures, especially the godmother montage..haha
    she is such an ANGEL!! and she has to wear that dress everyday till she can no longer fit in it.

    see you tonight!!

  2. Yall are a beautiful family! What a special day. Everything was lovely! Especially sweet E!

  3. yesterday was BEAUTIFUL! From the celebration of Emory's Baptism, to your house, the lunch table, the FOOD & desserts, Emory & the whole family being together. It was all PERFECT!

  4. Omg I want a bday party like that! You r the sweetest mom :)

  5. sweet sweet gown!!! did you get my e-mail!?

  6. Wow and Wow. You so downplayed this to me...but your table setting and lanterns were straight out of a magazine. I'm never believing you again when you say, "oh. it's just gonna be a casual family gathering!"

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous! The girliness is so foreign to me, but I love it!!! Happy Baptism, Emory!!

  8. OK.. all these pix are so good! I am smiling very early in the morning--unusual and wonderful! What a fun and special day this was! It was all pretty terrific, if you ask me! You did a fine job on it all....and this may be one of my very favorite posts EVER! :-) Love ya'll, La

  9. Amazing! What a beautiful set up for a beautiful little girl! Congratulations on the dedication...what a big day in E's life.

  10. SOO BEAUTIFUL...everything...loved the table decor and her dress! Some southern traditions are meant to be kept :)
    Your family is precious, and I love keeping up with them in blogworld!

  11. Everything looks perfect, especially that adorable little girl of yours! And running home for the jewelry was a good way to introduce your husband to life with a daughter ;)

  12. Oh Nat! You have outdone yourself. Again! Everything was beautiful in every way. Emory was lovely in her baptism finery. She seemed to know she was all dolled up, and seemed to enjoy it immensely, I might say!
    It was a lovely day, and we enjoyed being together.

  13. WOW! Natalie, I can't believe you put all that together. It looks amazing. Emory's dress is beautiful! I don't think there is one ounce of Stephen in that baby! She is all Natalie!

  14. I want babies and baptisms! Esp ones that look like that! Everything looks amazing and perfect...it has Natalie written all over it!

  15. Love, love, love the table setting! Beautiful! And Emory too! What a happy day.

  16. Gorgeous day!! Would you mind telling me the name / brand of the floral fabric you used on the table?! I have been looking for soemthing just like this for my nursery!! Thanks...


  17. So sweet. I had tears in my eyes reading this! You hosted a fabulous celebration for Emory's baptism. My baby (who is a few days younger than Emory) is being baptized in June, and we have a similar dress for her to wear. I have no idea if it will fit, because it is intended for a 6 week old, and we weren't able to schedule the baptism until June..and she is already 18.5 lbs! HA! But I hope it does, because WOW that looks cute. :) Beautiful famiy.

  18. Beautiful...everything! Every detail. And especially you, your family, and that adorable Emory. She is a doll! What a special day!

  19. BEAUTIFUL. Everything and everyone. LOVED the online dress and cracked up through the post! And, yes, to answer your question...little girls love to dress up, so get the camera ready:)

  20. Everything looks so girly and beautiful! I love it! I love her dress!! And I love yours too - where did you get it?!?!?

  21. Love all of the pictures! Everything looks great. :o)

  22. Congratulations, Emory, on your baptism! Welcome to the Christian faith sweet baby girl! what a fabulous party. You all looked so happy! Wonderful memories were made for sure!!


  23. ADORABLE!!!! love love love everything!! You look beautiful!!

  24. What a beautiful family you have. I love baptisms. So special and beautiful. Congrats!


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