green (velvet) sofas

i dont know what it is about them
mcalpine booth and ferrier 
but i love them
decor pad james michael howard
every time i see one, which is not often,
i am drawn to it
lauren liess
kinda specific and quirky huh?

i would love one in my den.
decor pad square sofa
think about the seasonal pillows...spring, holidays, fall colors, everything goes with green

and i dont tire of green
and my other favorite color, blue, goes great with green.
domino green sofa
what are your thoughts?
jamie beck green sofa
im not sure velvet {well, definitely not mohair for more reasons than just kids...i.e. $$$$$$$} is the most kid friendly thing, but i am under the impression that no matter what our sofa will take a beating.  and while i love light colored sofas and whites are great for bleaching, i honestly do not want to remove my white sofa slipcover weekly to wash it as frequently as i know i would want to wash it. 

think: dark wash denim jeans rubbing off on the lower vertical part, bennetts HANDS, bags/purses with unknown species on the bottom, bennetts FEET, bennetts FACE....

if i DID do velvet, i would make sure seat and back pillows {at least seat} could be zipped off and dry cleaned on occasion.  and i would also do a synthetic velvet...mainly for the $$$$$$ factor {vs natural fiber} and cleaning capabilities.

sunbrella makes a green velvet....fabulous for durability and cleaning but i found out that even at my price its nearly $200/yd.  a YARD.  cover a sofa with THAT.

thats right.
i just found some on ebay HERE....still mucho expensivo and very GREEN.  looks more like the color of the ottoman in the fifth picture.  not my fave.

so...green velvet or gray-brown linen/cotton/something like that.
i need to make a decision.

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  1. I love your green velvet obsession. They do look great! Really loving gray/brown too...YOU can't, and won't go wrong!

  2. Don't compromise.If you pick the "one you will never tire of", then on drab days, it will put a smile on your face!

  3. Natalie, I found a cream velvet on sale (months ago) for practically nothing at Richtex. made an upholstered headboard out of it. Think I got ten yards for $30-$40 or something ridiculous like that. I would check there. They have great sales! And everyone is right, buy what you love. I have a white sofa with two kids and yes it is high maintenance but it makes me happy!

  4. At least for the next few years, I am thinking....um, Nilla Wafer Brown with touches of Grass Stain Green...quite lovely when it is associated with our munchkins! But I DO love that velvet, especially when tufting is involved! Love ya'll, too! :-) La

  5. My parents had a green sofa and it never got ruined. It wasn't velvet and we were girls so that may be the difference? My grandmother has a beautiful green sofa in her living room that I have my eye on. When I worked at a furniture store we had a green leather sofa that was like a chloraseptic lozenge green and that thing was sooo beautiful. Another random thought I too would hate to have to clean a slipcover, it is bad enough washing my duvet cover a few times a year. Last random thought, I saw your lamps on LGN and thought hey someone stole Natalie's pictures until I saw your name. Awesome job!

  6. I think you should buy the one from 5 gold monkeys :)

  7. you could always do this green velvet chair??


    i personally want PINK!

  8. You love it b/c it is the color of the outside world: tres, grass, foliage etc and we never tire of that. EVERY color works with it. Again think of nature. And the velvet is a surface that never looks "flat". The nap reflects differnt tones of the color so it is a richeer surface. You may want to look for "velveteen".

  9. my favorite color! go for it! Ballard has a green velvet under $30/yd. not sure what the color is like in person or the quality, etc. but on my computer screen it looks a lot like Lauren's couch. http://www.ballarddesigns.com/velvet-apple-fabric-by-the-yard/fabric-by-the-yard/velvets/42019


  10. Ouch! $200/yard is a bit much. To an interior designer the price should be much, much less. If you are still interested, you should check with Donghia ( www.donghia.com ), Pindler & Pindler ( www.pindler.com ), RM Coco ( www.rmcoco.com ) or Silver State / Alaxi ( www.silverstatetextiles.com ). All of these companies carry Sunbrella Velvets.

    In addition, and apologies for what is not the best of photography (it is the weekend), here’s an image of all our velvets http://twitpic.com/4o1qs2

  11. i would never be so brave..... but i love that 2nd picture.... :)

  12. My mom has two different green velvet sofas in her house. One in the den and one in her bedroom. They are beautiful!

  13. I ADORE green...it's such a happy color.


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