my symphony

does this guy live inside my head?
because of all the quotes as such ive ever read, this one really HIT me.
i could see artistically rendered and framed
on a wall in my office.

from a new-to-me-blog ive enjoyed reading recently, and she found it here

and littlest bitty does sometimes dress down, its not always frills and bows and lace
DSC_0266 copy

i am yet to decide which look i prefer :)

{can anyone GUESS who/what she is looking at? HA}


  1. bet she's looking a Bennett?

    I LOVE her outfit AND that quote :)

    love you sissy!

  2. is she looking at bman? :)
    love the littlest's outfit. she sure is a cutie

  3. LOVE:the quote, the outfit and the now new-to-me-as well blog that you linked!

  4. Love the quote! And, I think Miss Em is looking at Mr. B :) That is a smile of admiration.
    And I'm smiling as I remember YOU wearing Boo Boo too!

  5. Betting on her looking at Bennett~~Love the quote! :-) And love ya'll, La

  6. i was about to comment, what are the odds we both posted this today!! if i was all artistic and had some graphic design know how, i'd make it all pretty and put it in a frame too. maybe just scribble it on our playroom chalk board instead. :) thanks for linking up my blog. have a lovely week. your baby girl is a mini you!


  7. Is she looking at Daddy?? I love this too...very subtle and strong...perfect for Holy week. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think she is looking at her Daddy. She is just beautiful! Btw, I have been following this design blog for awhile and I'm not sure if you follow it, but if not, I think you will love it:


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