walmart finds, turned random friday afternoon post

i have to be honest and say i am much more a target type of gal, but every once in awhile wal-mart will make me raise my eyebrows in delight.  besides the fact that that store has EVERYTHING and i can be done in one trip usually...it just stinks that ours is like the most dangerous single location in our entire city.

BUT, there are some great things there and if you choose the proper day and time you just might make it out the doors without wanting to pull your hair out.
and you just might make a "find"

take for instance these green goblets i ran across last week:


i happened to be running to the checkout to get my overly tired and hungry six month old home at the time but next time i venture out that way i am going to pick up six or so.  or ten.  bc even if its just my immediate family on one side together its at least eight people.

my mom also let me in on a little dishrag secret of hers:
clorox dish towels.
ive only had them for a week, but i am willing to try anything to not have those smelly mildewy dish rags after just a couple uses.  ill let you know how they turn out.

and now this post is turning random, but i have some random pics to share:

this week was spring break and our week went a little something like this:
monday: normal monday
tuesday: {no school} - lots of tv and i cannot for the life of me get my son to "play"...even with me...hes bored. mimi watches emory and mommy and bennett have a date to the municipal park to play with meryl and the ducks
i almost freaked out - you have got to understand how close these ducks were. alfred hitchcock the birds-ish. i feared for my toes.
wednesday: one tv show in the morning, but then bennett started bringing toys to the den, or playing in his playroom without turning his tv on, or playing outside with friends.
thursday: {no school} and no tv.  his choice.  he cared nothing about it.  made little "bags" of toys for himself and brought them to wherever i was...if i was in my room folding clothes, bennett was playing trains on the floor.  if i was in my office working, he was making a pallet on the floor with his thomas blanket, messing with his sister, pretending with mr and mrs potato head, their son "spud" and evil dr porkchop {erin s i now know what it must have sounded like in your house nine months ago...bennett discusses evil dr porkchop over and over and over again...i think he enjoys saying his name :) }.
friday: imagination overload.  its amazing. 
{self portrait a la bennett via iphone}
and all of a sudden he looks like a KID. i am happy to report our little bout with "the terrible threes" is over and i have thoroughly enjoyed the happy {and chatty} little three year old that has moved in with us.

and this one
well this one has started playing with eating her brothers toys {vs what other babies eat at her age = FOOD} and he is perhaps realizing we are not sending her back :)
no. definitely not sending her back

happy friday!

*please keep all the victims of that horrendous natural disaster in your prayers.  my state, as well as its neighbors, have gone through such heartache and devastation the past few days, and i can only imagine it will get worse before it gets better.*


  1. I LOVE YOUR BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and those green goblets. they will look fab as a pop of color on your shelves when you redo your kitchen

  2. ooo - I like the walmart find, and I love your young photographer and that precious 7 month old smile!!

  3. this is close to being one of your most random posts. but that pic of u and b... he looks so adult like. haha and little e... omg chewing on the train in her white dress? cutie!


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