go make this

i mean, if you like this sort of thing :)

im not subscribed to cooking light magazine anymore, simply bc whenever i crave that type of food i can just search through their vast online recipe catalog....BUT i did pull out an old magazine last week and planned a few meals.  this one was delish:

Cooking Light's Pasta with Zucchini and Toasted Almonds

{camera phone pic}

you must try it.  its the type of fare i imagine we will be eating much more of once my zucchini's get big enough to actually eat  :)
but whether its from your garden, or from the grocery store, either way its fantastic.
simple and fantastic.

the only changes were that i used parmesean instead of pecorina romano {bc its what i had} and red onion instead of shallots {bc its what i had}.

and i served it with those crunchy prepackaged little bread sticks {that look like chopsticks in the picture above}.

school is out, bennett is getting bored, and itty bittiest is teething and therefore not napping! mommy must run

but i would love to hear any other great garden fare type recipes you know and love. since the whole plant-vs-seeds thing, i think we will be abundancing in produce this summer and i will actually have some fresh veggies to cook with! holla!


  1. Yum yum yum. My goodness I'm starving now.

  2. Anonymous was me..not sure why blogger did that..anonymous comments always kinda weird me out so I had to let you know ;)

  3. your photo of the dish is mouthwatering!

  4. YUM!!! Looks great! :-) Love ya'll, La


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