just beachy

you know you have those places, those few places, where you can go and just unwrap/unwind/unfold/undo/unleash/unwork/unstress and just BE?
DSC_0798 copy
mine is here.

ive no doubt mentioned it many times before.

and we dont come near enough.  with the hubs working every weekend of the month save one, we dont venture down this way near as often as we would like.  but with some creative arranging/planning we have made it down here more this late spring/early summer than the norm.
 DSC_0689 copy
DSC_0713 copy
DSC_0727 copy

DSC_0749 copy
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believe me i am ready the second stephen walks in that door on these fridays.  the older i get/more children i have/more stuff we accumulate, i find myself more and more ready to drop everything at home and escape to a world of sunrises, sunsets, big beautiful beach storms
DSC_0791 copy
boat rides
 DSC_0804 copy
and salt air.
DSC_0815 copy
and now that my parents stopped their internet service down there {double edged sword yes}, i find it emotionally and spiritually freeing to not even have the temptation to jump on the good ole green dell.
DSC_0803 copy
there is much more to blog about: chil'rens are a growing, garden is mass producing, work is slowing down {finally} and life is steadily rolling right along.
DSC_0796 copy
hopefully blogger wont get all temperamental on us like it did last week and i will be back with you sooner than later.
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  1. it definitely is one of the best places on earth. and your chilrins are a couple of the best things on earth.
    gorgeous pictures

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....! Love ya'll, La

  3. that looks like heaven! so nice to be able to refuel for the week :) xo

  4. Oh...I miss that beach so much. It really is one of my favorite places ever!

  5. absolutely my favorite place too! :)

    and those babies.... mmmmmm....


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