ramblings on our holiday

we had a great weekend at the beach and came home early today to skip the traffic and enjoy a restful memorial day afternoon. 

i came home to a garden bursting at the seams with tomatoes and zinnias.
DSC_1077 copy
DSC_1082 copy
DSC_1081 copy
this should be a sunflower...im so excited.  {i say should because about four of the one million seeds i planted actually grew...i hope it blooms!}DSC_1083 copy
there was even a NORMAL looking cucumber in the mix {vs the baseball looking ones from last year}
however my squash plant just up and died on me.
what looks like an incredibly painful death.
it technically did not miss a day of watering, so im at a loss.

some friends of ours joined us for the weekend - my friend ashley and i went down saturday morning and until the men arrived saturday night and sunday morning there were two adults and four children.  while it wasnt as intense as it could have been, lets just say we were excited when the daddies arrived to take over swim time and the like.
foggy camera lens+boys who will not look at the camera=
two silly boys on a boat:
DSC_0967 copy

DSC_0968 copy
probably thanks in part to his fearless friend walker, bennett overcame an entire summers worth of water fears in one day and ended the day jumping off the side of the pool, dunking his own head under water, and swimming by himself with the ring:
DSC_0988 copy
however i do have every expectation of starting the process all over next beach visit...
our resident studly mc studlierson:
watching the fish:
DSC_1051 copy
catching the fish:
DSC_1040 copy
DSC_1049 copy
this girl was not the best sleeper this weekend.  waking up at 5:50am does not look good on either of us.  neither does 45 minute naps.
DSC_1055 copy
the sun and i had another run in.
it did not go well for me, again.
burn me once, shame on me. burn me twice, shame on me.
theres no way out of it.  i need to remember i havent really seen the sun since '09 and my body is in some sort of sun shock.
one good decision i did make recently was purchasing two pairs of these

when they were on sale at old navy.  so so comfortable.  i dont know if they are still on sale but even if theyre not they are well worth the $5.

now lets move on to food.
ooooh boy.
my sister rachel {happy bday sista} inspired me with her weekend holiday cooking and i pulled out some old recipes i havent made in yearrrrssss.  they were staples for spring breaks and holiday gatherings with friends in high school: lemon squares and mrs. norris' dip.  i will be posting these easy and fabulous recipes this week.
just cant beat em.

i had so many more random things/thoughts to post about but for now i would really like to veg on the sofa and then hit the hay.

hope everyone had a safe memorial day holiday!  the reports ive seen on the news all state that the crowds on the alabama gulf coast were up at least 30% over the past three years and possibly record setting in some cases over the past eighteen or so years.  this makes me very happy...while i once resisted the "destin-ization" of my beloved gulf shores/orange beach, i am happy for all the local business owners - they needed/deserve the revenue!

thank you to all who are serving in our military at home and abroad, and mostly to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free to celebrate!
DSC_1093 copy
{emory says da da yah gah shhhhhhhhhrrriiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!}
{as in thank you}


  1. Yummy veggies! Yummier kid pix! Adorable fishermen! :-)Love ya'll, La

  2. Those tomatoes look yummy; and you are on your way to a bouquet!!
    Hrmmph on the squash demize.
    In the meantime, those babies are adorable. Live. in the moment. with them! So much fun :)

  3. i dont know about yours, but our lemon squares were phenomenal. i love bennett and walker's matching witty shark tees. and those bronze old navy flops are my favorite purchase this year too.

  4. Looks like fun! You're so lucky to be so close to the beach. I'm very jealous :)

  5. Love that tomato pic...gorgeous! And I have those flops in bronze. Fabulously comfortable!

  6. love all those beach pics & garden pics!!! glad B did well with the swimming!

    I am craving lemon squares & mrs norris dip now.......


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