redneck riviera

aka our patio

back in college stephen and some friends lived out on wire road in auburn.  it was perfect for the woodsy-boy i ended up marrying.  rolling hills, pasture, frequent wild turkey/deer sightings, wilderness, HEAVEN.

one summer, being the brilliant brain child he is, stephen decided they needed an above ground pool at said wire road house.  so off to wal mart he and some friend went.  i think they modestly chose the 8' diameter or similar sized pool, just to get home, open it up, and decide NO! it is much too small.

 after a couple back and forth trips they finally settled on the largest one wal mart offered.

after filling it with water and STOCKING IT WITH BASS FROM THE POND NEXT DOOR {no lie}, it was a common sight upon arrival at the wire road house to see five or six guys, sitting in lawn chairs in the pool, drinking adult beverages, watching the bass weave in and out of their legs.

and yes, i still married him.

how did the bass eat you ask? dont worry, you can buy bass fish food at wal mart as well.

when that summer came to a close, and the guys all graduated the next spring, and the seasons returned to summer, my two roommates and i were the lucky recipients of this gi-normous above ground pool.  and being the sun loving seniors we were, we plopped that bad boy right in the middle of our front yard and enjoyed having a cool place to float and study or get our tan on {bass free mind you}.

the pool only lasted a few weeks, however, as the real estate agency that managed our rental house spotted it and told us it was a hazard {bc toddlers could drown in it...} and had to be removed.

and that is the true story of how the huge twenty foot diameter crop circle on the front lawn of 126 reese avenue came to be.

the reason why i tell this story is to a)give you some background on the TRUE meaning of the redneck riviera, but also b)to let you in on the words/thoughts that are NOT spoken when stephen says "i think we need to get bennett a pool for the backyard."

i knew exactly where he was heading with that and told him the pool must be able to be blown up by mouth if needed, can only sit on the patio, and there will be NO BASS.

and then i nodded in approval when he and bennett returned from their "boys club" adventure to wally world.

i might not be allowing my husband to realize his true backyard pool potential, but for now...this works just fine.

its been a cool place to spend those afternoon hours post-nap and pre-dinner.

even emory joined in the fun
DSC_0907 copy
and ive gotten some good plant watering out of it.
photo(1) copy


  1. This post brought a tear to my eye. That pool at 126 Reese was AWESOME and northcutt reality sucks. You forgot the part about the pool leaving a large circle of dead grass in the front yard for several yrs after we left. Oops.

  2. i dont think i ever knew the pool once belonged to stephen....
    that bass story is just what i needed on the uber-hectic work day
    as is the pics of your babees. <3

  3. Hahaha that's good stuff, man!

  4. I am rolling in laughter a)remembering the pool in the front yard on Reese and b) the crop circle following, c) your heading Stephen's thought process off at the pass, d)CUP HOLDERS in the pool!, and e)Emory's expression!
    Great reading, Nat :)

  5. o i remember that pool! :) and all that storyline with only 2 swimming baby pics!? i need more!

  6. Do you remember how stinky that crop circle was after we took the pool down? It was probably best to take it down though. Casper next door wanted to get in on the action.


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