were still here! im getting assaulted {nearly physically} by family members to do a post of some sort, any sort, but after an hour and a half conversation with the IRS concerning taxes and refunds and all those things that you could throw into a "its monday" sized pile....i just dont have the energy!
not to mention that, as mentioned in the previous post, something about early pregnancy makes me detest the computer.
i havent even used my camera recently and therefore no fun pics of kids to post.  so maybe if i give myself a list of things i need to talk about, ill be more likely to follow through...

  • swimming lessons
  • emory eating
  • emory getting CHUBBY
  • new rugs
  • very exciting projects in the works
  • recipes i promised, what, like a month ago? and some more new easy ones {as in the only ones i cook recently...very few ingredients, very little time, very little effort type meals. this is my season at the moment and im perfectly ok with it.  for stephen, the verdict is still out...}
  • VBS
  • fabrics
hopefully ill still have a couple of you loyal readers left when i get around to doing so!
whew! i thought the summer was supposed to be a BREAK from the rigors of the school year?


love to you all!
Sweet Em


  1. Go easy on yourself, Mama! Growing a baby is hard work - mentally and physically. Not to mention caring for two little munchkins. Blogging should be WAAAAY down on your list of priorities. Don't worry, we'll all still be here when you start "liking" the computer again.


  2. Though I'm craving some more pictures, this one is adorable. If I haven't told you already, Emory is absolutely beautiful! Get lots of rest... I totally admire you for having a toddler, a baby, and now a little bean taking everything from your body! You are so strong! :)

  3. okay fine...i'll stop harassing you.

    NOT ;)
    Love my baby em..and her new little rolls of heaven. so glad she finally decided to like food!!
    cant wait to read any and all posts to come :) whenever that may be

  4. What a doll! A picture like that will get me through the lean times :)
    Yes, you do have exciting topics to post about! But I understand - your life right now is in overdrive and feeling better is hopefully any day now! Love you!

  5. You will always have me as a faithful reader...love to you all. Aunt Elizabeth

  6. Hi! Read your good news. That's wonderful. I am pregnant also - due on Christmas Day :)

  7. its ok... ive been a very bad blogger lately too. love miss em


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