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ive had myself a sort of food revolution recently.
ive always cared about what i ate, and before kids always watched my fruits and veggies and portions.
and then i had kids and all care as to what was entering MY mouth flew out the window, accompanied by daily showers, alone time, and the "perfect clean house."
now that i think about it, the time i spent carrying and breastfeeding my children should have been the most AWARE periods of my food-and-drink-consuming life, buuuuuut i didnt always have the time {or stomach} to do more than just grab a bag of chips.

SO, after grabbing said bag of chips a couple weeks ago for the kazillionth time....i decided i was disgusting and everything i ate probably had some form of red dye 40 or some cancer causing processed THING in it.

i decided i {and my children/family} needed to enter into a healthier, more conscious way of living.
organic as much as possible, and processed as little as possible.
{cause seriously how much processed junk does bennett eat? for real. too much.}

its amazing how many resources there are out there to educate you on things like this.  i definitely need to learn a lot more, but for now im doing what i can with the time and resources i have to help make us just that much healthier.
it definitely takes more effort, but i really believe this effort is some of the most important effort you could put forth, especially for your kids.
plus, you can buy organic at wal mart if necessary and it DOES taste better.

my first attempt to TRY a little harder came at lunch.  i made homemade little pizzas with whole wheat english muffins, organic marinara, sliced mushrooms, and cheese {all organic}.
DSC_1306 copy
emory and i ate them UP and bennett took a couple bites before gagging and asking for a pb&j.
i tried.
bennett has definitely NOT been my biggest cheerleader.
in fact he is either wanting mac and cheese or a cereal bar 99% of the time.
it comes with his age, i know...but i WILL keep working on him.

something else emory LOVES is carrot cashew spread.

Carrot Cashew Spread
{from wholefoodsmarket.com}

3 carrots, chopped
3/4 cup raw cashew pieces
15 dried apricots, quartered
DSC_1451 copy
put carrots in small pot and cover with 2 inches water. bring to a boil, reduce to medium low heat, and simmer about 10 minutes. add cashews and apricots and cook for about 5-7 more minutes. reserve 1/2c cooking water, and drain well.  place carrot mixture and reserved liquid in food processor and blend until smooth.  chill for at least one hour.  spread on whole wheat organic crackers, or emory likes it on toast and even just off a spoon :)
DSC_1462 copy
and healthy!

eating "organic" and "natural" i.e. less processed may not always work or be realistic, but i am serious in making this a conscious effort for my family and our daily eating habits.  its amazing what having children will do to your outlook/perspective on things!

ill let you know what other recipes i find but i would love any advice on kid friendly tips/methods for getting your three year old to eat more than cereal bars {which have been banned} and mac and cheese {oops! sorry bennett we dont have any}.

and thanks for your concern for our crazy ridic fourth of july.  i am happy to report that, after a late straggler caught a killer fever version of the mutant virus {stephen} we are all healthy and actually feeling better than ever {bout time this second trimester thing started to ACT LIKE IT}.

cheers to health!


  1. where in the WORLD did you come up with that spread? ever heard of such. but that lil pizza would be YUMMY!

  2. So were those organic red beans and rice we scarfed down tonight cause they were AMAZING!!!! Thank you, my friend!

  3. Whoa. That spread actually sounds delicious. I'm making this, for sure! Also, I love making home-made pizzas on little english muffins! Sometimes I add a slice of turkey and make it a sandwich or I add a mushroom after thinly slicing it and pan-cooking it in water! Very similar!

    Thanks for sharing! Not kidding about making this spread :)


  4. Yum! This sounds quite interesting--can't wait to taste it! And I'm so glad Miss E will eat it! Yay! She sounds like she is all the way over the 'not eating' hump. Bennett will suddenly decide he likes it too! But the best news is that you are all feeling better!:-) Love ya'll, La

  5. Will Bennett drink a smoothie? I make Reese's with kid's greek yogurt, organic strawberries, almond milk and half a banana. You can even freeze it in popsicle molds so he has a healthy afternoon treat. And I've heard {but never tried} that you can throw spinach in there. It doesn't have a taste but adds iron.

  6. weelicious.com is great for healthy kids recipes/ideas that they will actually eat!! Moms like them too :)

  7. i can attest that the carrot purree/spread is QUITE delicious and highly recommended. i bet it would be tasty on pita bread too.
    while the lean cuisines have been very helpful in taking off the lbs, i'm thinking they probably aren't the most healthy option....hmmm. anything is better than a big mac thought right?

  8. I saw someone else post about a smoothie. They taste so good on these HOT days! I love doing a "green smoothie" with spinach, kale, cucumber, green apples or pears in it with whatever fruit you like. I usually do fresh strawberries, bananas and frozen peaches. You have to mix in a little water so it will all blend, but it's delicious and you don't taste the greens. I don't have a blog, but here's a link to my sister's blog where she made one!

    Congratulations on your 3rd and glad your feeling better!

  9. I highly recommend The Eat Clean Diet book to everyone. I don't know why they included Diet in the book, because it's more of a health book that educates you on how foods digest and what clean foods do for your energy and your body as a whole. I have never felt better in my life.

  10. So bizarre that you just wrote that post. We literally started the "organic way" of eating last week. Publix also has a great organic section. We do milk, eggs, veggies, and fruit organic. It's not very much, but its a start!

  11. Loved reading this. I feel every word you said about kids and their eating {and mine and Dru's too for that matter}. I'd love you to keep sharing recipies and am about to check out that book one of the commenters mentioned right now. We just dealt with a health scare/issue with Dru that is almost completely avoided if a healthy, natural diet is followed!

  12. I have made some great bars from Cooking Light but here is a great website that a friend has shared with me...http://www.hacres.com/recipes. Love you, Aunt Elizabeth

  13. that spread sounds delicious!

  14. yes, yes an yes! i agree and i an also trying to do the same!! lets share ideas! love the spread!

  15. i just posted about this, 'cept my recipes were all natural "treats" . My 8 yr old has always been picky. He's never really grown out of it so I can't offer much advice. This is about all that has worked for increasing veggie consumption - Pumpkin bread for breakfast (packed with beta carotene), pasta sauce with a few extra veggies snuck in, tortilla + beans + melted cheese + hidden veggies, frozen peas - eaten still frozen, sugar snap peas shelled, raw carrot sticks. most days it is raw carrot sticks. I also get a lot of fresh herbs in with marinates - he'll eat anything grilled. hope that helps a little. xo

  16. You would love the sumo Popsicle maker from Williams Sonoma. Makes Popsicles in 7 minutes - u just add juice or whatever mixture you want. I do just carrot juice for Charlotte and she loves them!

  17. I meant zuko sorry -my computer is doing that auto change thing


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