the camp

thats what my family calls the "hunting camp"... somewhere i have been visiting with friends since i was very young, then frequenting with my boyfriend in high school and college, then traveling to almost every available weekend during the "season" as an adult with my husband, children, and family on both sides.
DSC_3280 copy
ive written about it many many times on the blog over the years, but recently we have been without.  basically timber companies stripped our family's leased land so there wasnt really anything left to lease.
so we have been campless, and therefore "woods-less" for awhile now.
im not what one would call a big hunter, even tho ive done my share throughout the years,


im more of a sit and enjoy the fire and woods and cool breeze and outdoor smells and ok im about to have a conniption.
i want FALLLLL

anyway, while you might think of me as a beach person, considering it is where i have spent a third of each year of my life, i am finding that i am much more a woods person.  nature and hills and trees and lakes and NATURE.
so lets just say i was thrilled when my parents purchased some land just north of us, about an hour away by car. {i wrote about it earlier this year, here}

we are used to staying in trailors at previous camps {or "country homes" as my father in law so aptly puts it} and while we have absolutely LOVED our trailer home winter weekend living, my parents knew it would have to be some sort of ridiculously ginormous trailor to house them, their three kids, spouses, and growing number of grandchildren.
so they bought the land and i started drawing the house the very next day :)

its not the first house i have ever drawn, or ever seen built, but its the very first house ive drawn and seen built that ive done all by myself. {aka not while working for someone else}
...i feel like i am four years old and waiting for my mom to say "natalie you are SUCH a BIG girl now."

my parents and my vision for this place have seriously evolved since day one, and i really doubt they will be able to kick me out once its built.  especially since it should be finished right around the time i have a teenie newborn and will probably be housebound with three kids {cause seriously how do you go ANYWHERE with three kids? anyone? seriously how?}.
so i imagine i will be more than willing to sit in a cosy camp house enjoying this view:
{looking out back door and windows from dining room to lake - that is still filling up with water - master bedroom on the left, im standing in the foyer, den to the right, kitchen behind me to the left}
{looking through the den window and back door.  fireplace on right wall}

while i sip on some hot tea and eat some sort of home made something. {bc if i am there with my newborn and two older kiddos, i expect my momma will be there too and she always has some sort of home made something lying around...like every good mimi should}

currently the house is under construction, so i will share some pics.  i also might be posting some inspiration pics for different aspects of the home in the future, since i will definitely be in "camp house decor" mode over the next several months

{front of house, there will be huge gable with exposed timbers coming toward you that will serve as a porte cochere.  window to the left is kitchen, front door in middle, door and windows to the right are second entrance to mudroom/gunroom}

{standing in dining room, looking towards kitchen window and front door to your left.  laundry room/pantry to your right}

{view through master bedroom windows}

{view through upstairs window where stephen and i will sleep, since its next to the bunk room that houses all the grandkids...}

windows should ship at the end of this month and cabinets are being worked on as we speak.

i am one happy little lady...and very lucky my parents gave me this wonderful opportunity!
{and that i actually get to enjoy the fruits of my labor for years and years to come - i would say this is second place next to one day designing and building my own home :)}
and if you are interested in this type of thing, i finally found the sliver of time to join pinterest and now i am happy to report i no longer have time to sleep or eat bc i am too busy pouring over my own personal form of crack.

its ridiculous.  you are welcome to come follow me or just check out the deliciousness of all the inspiration available: HERE


  1. Now isn't this exciting? Can't WAIT to see the finished product. Sounds amazing already!

  2. Well....I will say it...and I know your mama alreasy has, but - "NATALIE! you are so grown up!" really though - so awesome - I am so proud of you - looks amazing! I can not wait to see the finished masterpeice!

  3. i cant wait to spend every weekend i come home here :)
    and i am scared to join pinterest...i fear i wont ever resurface if i do

  4. AH-may-zing!!! What an incredible project for you! Would love to see your inspiration photos, too. And welcome to pinterest. I LOVE it! Best thing about it is how little time I spend on Facebook now. ha!

  5. i sooo should have taken pictures of it today bc it looks quite different from these photos now. I am SOOO Excited & think all the work yall have done is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! can't wait :)

  6. nat, you are SUCH a BIG girl now! all your work is actually coming to fruition :)and I. can. not. wait!
    Oh, and I share in your conniption. I was actually so excited to see school supplies at walmart; doesn't it mean fall is around the corner?

  7. I am so excited about seeing the finished house!! And I love pinterest and your pins!

  8. how big is natalie? SO BIG!!!

    my word verification word is SHIBI. made me laugh


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