i caved

so i had big, crazy plans of not finding out was little bebe #3 was {gender wise}...to which stephen quickly replied: thats ok. ill just find out and not tell you.
um NO!
plus, i loved LOVED knowing what each of my other babies were...same surprise just different timing :)
anyway, we found out and im so glad we did!
here is the video of us telling bennett {who was still in his "sleepy shirt" aka nap shirt at mimi and docs}:


* walker is one of bennetts best friends...i thought it was so funny that this was his immediate thought after us telling him about the baby. and that he and walker talk about these things at school.  AND that walker has every plan of his mommy having a baby girl...hear that ashley? better get busy! ;) hehe*

we are SO excited, of course, and couldnt wish for anything more than our precious healthy baby.
i have to be honest and tell you, the pure miracle of life does not get any less sweet with each pregnancy.
i still cry like a baby watching that little life {who, at our last viewing, was a teeny little tadpole-looking, flipper-yielding bean} all of a sudden look so ALIVE and REAL...opening and closing his mouth, kicking, twisting, pulling and grasping at unknown objects, responding to movements on the outside of my tummy {i.e. us proding and shoving the belly trying to get him to change positions for the anatomy scan portion of the ultrasound}.
one of my favorite things to see is the spine...i mean WOW how intricately and beautifully we are formed...even in the womb.

it is true, though, that i am so excited about this new baby that i kinda conveniently forget just how crazy the next few years of my life will be.

well, to that, i say

i know there will be tears, and tantrums, and drama, and chaos...from both babies AND momma...but i am attempting to start this off on the right foot and already praying that i will take the precious, much needed time to realize that with great blessings come great responsibility...that each insane sleep/planning deprived day will also be filled with more than my deserved share of coos, kisses, and snuggles; nose scrunches, first steps, first words, developing feisty toddler personality and death grips of unconditional love and dependency; imagination, ideas, questions, and innocently beautiful life truths as revealed through the mind of a four year old.
and now im going to bookmark this post so that when i AM in the midst of an overwhelmed, laundry throwing, spit-up cleaning, dirty dish rearing tantrum i have somewhere to go to snap me back in line :)


  1. Love this and what a precious video!!! So excited you're having another BOY!!!!

  2. cant watch the video because i'm currently sharing a room with sleeping Sam BUT i have to say (again!) that there is something magical about three little ones and you are going to LOVE their spacing...how crazy is it that we have almost the exact same spacing between our children? The fun outweighs the chaos and watching them all together makes the worst of days oh so worth it. you are going to be great, as always!

    love you bebe boy : )

  3. That is awesome, loved the video!!! Yay for another beautiful baby boy!!!

  4. Sooooooooooooooo excited! Did I mention how excited I am? We can't wait for more Roe babies to love! Love ya'll too,:-) La

  5. congrats!! how could you not find out?! :) boys need brothers. and i think it will make it easier for your baby girl being the middle child between two brothers too. perfectly done! xo, Tessa

  6. YAY!!!! and congratulations!!! I'd go with what Bennett says, as he's two for two now on the predictions. And, I'd say you are right on in your forecast of chaos and tantrums, coos and snuggles. But, the tears of joy will far outweigh the tears of dispair. Blessings abound!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How fun to have another boy!! Miss E is going to love being sandwiched in the middle. I'm so happy for all of you!

  8. How exciting! Bennett is good at this prediction stuff...so glad little one looks happy and healthy. All of our love to you, Aunt Elizabeth

  9. oh wow. what a wonderful blessing. congrats.

  10. i LOVE that video. Bennett is pretty good at this, thats why I figured he was right. SO EXCITED! :)

  11. oh my goodness! thank heaven for little BOYS! CONGRATULATIONS on another sweet little boy! I would love a boy next...although after having two 17 months apart...this Momma needs some SPACE! ;) SO SO excited for ya'll!!!

  12. So excited for y'all!!! You have no idea how much fun it is to read your blog entries! Congrats on another precious boy -- I know Emory will have fun having 2 brothers!!!

  13. LOVE THAT YALL FOUND OUT!!! I can not wait to meet this precious baby boy...so blessed to have such an amazing mama, daddy, brother and sister!


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