back to school

and we were all smiles around here
DSC_1707 copy
no tears
DSC_1740 copy
{from any of us!}
DSC_1720 copy
which makes my heart very happy
DSC_1756 copy
as does our new school this year.  its a church school.  a tiny beautiful church school {mothers day out through 4 year old preschool}.  bennetts class read a book called designed by God, so i must be special on the first day.  bout time God took his rightful place as head of bennetts education! :)  i just love that his spiritual self will also be receiving attention, along with his social, mental, and physical self.

but dont get me wrong, just because there was an exhausting day of school does NOT mean my afternoon was spent relaxing as both children konked out for hours upon hours of naptime.

bennett didnt sleep a wink and his sister only rested for 45 minutes.
we shall see how things even out/calm down as this new routine carries on.
{naps naps naps naps please please please please}

DSC_1761 copy


  1. oooo squishy lovey school baby pictures :)
    so glad yall are enjoying the new school this year.

  2. LOVE that 2nd pic of B!!!!! Want it for Jack's bulletin board!

  3. Oh I feel ya! We start next Wed and while I'm getting sentimental about giving Simms up a few hours a day I know she's so excited and we need that structure around here. I can't believe how grown up our babies are :( and I hope you get some rest time in the afternoons. I know you need it more than any of us!

  4. oh my bennett looks just like stephen in that second picture and emmy looks like a mischievous little thing in that last one.
    loooooove them

  5. such cute 'first day of school' pics! emory IS looking quite mischevious :)
    love yall

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  7. Love the picture of Miss Em and her pretty teeth. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding.


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