photo dump day

i seem to best write blog posts when there isnt one specific big thing to say.  just random ramblings.
and when im done, i feel very accomplished at covering such a myriad of topics. :)
so here goes:

when coloring this morning, bennett called me in to see his "potato bug on a skateboard"

Potato bug on a skateboard
excuse me??

fabric inspiration for clients formal living room
Client living room

4.5 yds just received for future project in casa de moi
Trina Turk fabric

our back to school supper happened the night before the second day of school, but it was memorable nonetheless because honestly when was the last time i a)set the table b)ate at the table c)cooked many things at once
Summer supper

stephens job is a crazy one.  he is on call every weekend of the month save one {so basically only has two days off a month} and generally walks out the door by 6am and is home 12-13 hours later.  we are blessed he has a great job but it does not come without sacrifices from all of us. however, as time marches on one little perk of his job is that every once in awhile we are able to "steal" a day...work is slow and he is able to manage his own time as a result.
take today.  after working all morning, he comes home and we decide last minute to venture out
DSC_1820 copy
DSC_1818 copy
DSC_1819 copy
DSC_1810 copy

lunch at bimini bobs {never been there} which was delicious.
it felt like a saturday but unlike any saturday weve had recently! gotta love that spur of the moment family time.  my babies sure do love this man
DSC_1796 copy
DSC_1805 copy
{i guess i kinda do too}

stephen took bennett while i was gathering all the GEAR from the table and, when i got up to pick up emory, the older couple behind us gasped and started whispering "honey! do you see that!" "aw yes she is getting the baby" "no look at her...she is pregnant AND has that baby AND i swear there was another little boy at the table!" "oh my i think youre right."
i didnt realize we were a spectacle but it makes me smile very happy blessed smiles.
{and dont they know that, while i may be pregnant yes and have many small children, i am not DEAF}
24 weeks
cause this pregnancy thing is FOR REAL
{sorry pic is in front of the shower...its the only place there is a mirror with good lighting in my house...}

emory is learning quickly

i obviously {OBVIOUSLY} waited too long to do any "pretty naked baby sitting still" pictures.
DSC_1781 copy
there was no staying on the white blanket and the paci props my assistant was supposed to be using to distract emory from crawling ended up just being used as she saw fit
DSC_1771 copy

i wish i had discovered this tea earlier in my pregnancy...or in either of my previous ones

seriously - the peaceful mama tea makes you feel like someone hit you upside the head with a two by four and it was the best experience of your life.  you just want to chill on the sofa and think pretty thoughts.

the heartburn tea really does work wonders on my poor squished tummy.
i just wish i had discovered this tea back in the first and early second trimester...

hope everyone is having a great week! i have a bachelorette weekend coming up for one younger sister of mine and i am so ready to bare this belly in all its pregnant goodness and strut the streets like i own them.
and by that i mean curl up in a hotel bed and watch a movie and sleep in {till 7:30 or so} and eat in restaurants and wander streets aimlessly with no inner clock i.e. child telling me its nap time.

till next time!


  1. OK.....well, am I one big smile or what?! YES, I am! What a fun day...and that's a fine lookin' Southern supper too! :-) But....you know my favorite parts are the pics of ya'll! Love them and love ya'll, La

    PS: Ummmm... does Em look BLONDE in those pics? What's that about?

  2. You look fantastic! And I'd recognize Stephen's scrubs anywhere...because I wash 7 sets a week. My husband is a Stryker rep too- small world! He's not ever on call, instead I get the overnight traveling. Good times :).

  3. Sweet family. And one CUTE preggo mama :)

  4. I love this post. Random comments:
    Your back to school dinner looks far more together than mine (surprise, surprise)
    Em on the slide with Stephen is my fave.
    I remember hearing (overhearing!) those kinds of comments too. They will keep coming. Now I feel kinda confused by them though cause life like this seems so normal!! Before I kinda thought...you are wondering how I'm going to handle it WELL I AM TOO!!
    You are too pretty pregnant to stop having babies!

  5. ahhh LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo dump. great kind of post :)

    yall came all the way to my neck of the woods & didnt call me?! jk looks like it was fun family time!!

    i hope you atleast got a couple good white blanket pictures to match the ones you have framed of bennett!!!

  6. Loved this!!!! You are the most stunning pregnant woman I have ever seen. I understand the sacrifices a mommy has to make when her husband works so much. Mine is an accountant and I haven't seen him before 11pm for 2 months. It's tough on everyone, and I think especially the mom. Hang in there! You have a wonderful husband who clearly loves you and those babes to pieces :)

  7. what a delightful post! i too love your random posts! your babies, and your husband, and YOU are precious!

  8. hot mama! and all of bourbon street would agree i say!
    love the little em bop girly and bennett looks like he is having the time of his life


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