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thought this was an appropriate follow up title to mondays post...

i just bought three more of THESE...light switch extensions that glow in the dark.  we have had one in the playroom and one in each of the bathrooms in the back of our house since bennett was old enough to walk to his playroom and play by himself.  now we need one in his room and eventually the other baby rooms.

they are LIFESAVERS. {also helps with potty training! more inclined to "do it by myself" if they really can do EVERYTHING by themselves}

this girl is on the move
Emory wears a life vest
and i cant get enough of her roly poly chunks of thighs.
{seriously...where are all my pictures of her thighs??? i know i have some...}
she is happier, i am happier, and poor steele is perhaps a little un-happier.
the girl LOVES her "puh puh" {puppy}{i am THIS close to counting it as her first word...but im just a little thrown off as bennett wasnt even vocalizing recognizable sounds until over a year old.  so ill just wait until she starts asking me for her bottle straight out to consider her talking for real :) }

i am loving pinterest.
i kinda go on spells where i will forget about it, but the other day i somehow came across THIS pretty mess of a site and was overwhelmed with inspiration.
 pretty stuff tumblr
its been awhile since i was overwhelmed with inspiration to this extent.
gorgeous pictures of all kinds and i
ate. it. up.
for 45 minutes one night while stephen was watching deadliest catch.

speaking of, look who we ran into in orange beach last weekend:
{facebook friends youve already seen this silly pic}
you are exactly right.
thats none other than wild bill of the kodiak crab boat, out of alaska, and his son.
they were in town visiting a friend they said {and on a stop of their...world tour?...since driving from alaska is pretty much traveling the GLOBE in my opinion}
and i was the one who first saw and recognized him.
maybe embarrassing to some, but to my husband i might as well have bought him antique dueling fire arms off pawn stars and served him homemade smothered porkchops with rice and gravy, all at the same time.  he was proud of me and the few skills ive gathered from my random glances at the tv when deadliest catch is on.
{as i mentioned, im usually working or at least oogling the latest wonder in the blogging/design world}

speaking of oogling...i know ive said...and said...on here that we are thinking of redo-ing some stuff around our house {furniture/accessories/paint/KITCHEN...i.e. doing to my house what i do to others for a living...}.  ive been quite giddy and have had the plan and vision worked out for, oh i dont know, YEARS.
and now little mr. baby #3 has changed things a bit.
instead of all the things in my head, we might be tearing down an old ugly tree, adding a room, and getting a new roof and new insulation in our attic.
= no fun but must be done.
{love you teenie tiny little baby...you are changing our lives in more ways than you {or we} well know...and we couldnt be happier :)...id trade a million new kitchens for one little newborn snuggle from you}

*happy sigh*

a girl can still dream so i am still looking and thinking...so while a kitchen redo might be is WAY out of the question any time soon, maybe a little bit of sprucing up around the ole humble abode might occur along the way.
as in gradual.
as in baby step by teenie tiny baby step. {literally...}
i finally found my green velvet i want to use on a sofa one day...i knew it could never be real mohair velvet, or anything similar.  it needed to have the look and feel and richness of velvet but be kid friendly, durable, and TOUGH.
oh, and pretty darn affordable.
AND it had to be the right color...no brown-y, sage-y, or neon-y hint.
my dear friend robert allen has this in their contract line and the wholesale price is quiiiiiiiiitttttttteeeeeeeeee pleasing to my eye
and it would look great on any of the following sofas {i have to decide if i want traditional english rolled arm or more structured, nail head look....what are your votes?}




ill let you know in 5-10 years what we choose

the kids start school and MDO on monday {cyber fist pump} and we are trying to cram some beach weekends in while we can.  last weekend was our first trip since the 4th and it was a welcomed change of pace.
 DSC_1624 copy
 DSC_1619 copy
 DSC_1628 copy
 DSC_1665 copy
 DSC_1672 copy
 DSC_1689 copy
 DSC_1686 copy
 DSC_1682 copy

and now a litte comparison:
DSC_1685 copyDSC_1684 copy
Natalie eleven months
Natalie five months

i woke up saturday morning and decided i wanted to make biscuits.
who knows.
i scrounged around the house and found most of the ingredients i needed.  
had to make my own buttermilk with milk and white vinegar but other than that everything was there.
they were good but did NOT rise.  might have something to do with the baking soda and baking powder dating back to prehistoric times....just conjecturing ;)
 DSC_1697 copy

ok i think im all out of thoughts for today!
well maybe except for this one:



  1. hahahahahahahahaahahahahaha
    and yes emmy is your slightly stephen'ed twin :)
    i go back and forth on your sofa choice. all i know is i give you until November 1st to purchase one. bc it is taking you forever!!! you deserve your dream sofa!!!! DO IT WOMAN!!!!!!

    beach this weekend?

  2. Love the picture of you and B (and baby) making biscuits!

  3. My fave is Em by the pool...the legs, oh the legs!!!

  4. You crack me up!

    I'll have to remember those light pulls. Love the second couch!

    Precious babies :) Can't believe how much Emory looks like you!

    I'm trying to be a better commenter :) Love your blog...

  5. random comments on a friday afternoon....
    1. i have a swatch of green velvet (avocado from calico corners) sitting on my desk, awaiting my "someday" couch. someday when i don't worry about children throwing up on it or popsicles wandering in from the kitchen and being forgotten, or chocolate icing on fingers using said couch as a napkin...etc...etc.) LOVE green velvet!!
    2. your babes are beautiful.
    3. patterson maker is my FAV-OR-ITE tumblr site. Still miss Mary Ruffle though. She went up and disappeared.
    4. i hate when bloggers disappear. a little goodbye, a little warning, SOMETHING would be nice.
    5. enjoy your weekend!
    xo, Tessa

  6. oh i love seeing those baby picture comparisons! great pics from the beach.

    i like sofa # 3 the best for YOU and for THAT fabric. but they are all great!

  7. oh my goodness....look at those lashes! they are growing faster than her hair! she AND he are your children; cute comparison pics.
    i learned granny's biscuit recipe, which was with self rising flour. guess i should have passed it along?

  8. The "cyber fist pump" made me laugh out loud. Several times.


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