kirklands home anybody?

ok i have a major confession to make.
and many of you probably have been there.
and im not knocking those who still are....
BUT when stephen and i were first married we lived in an apartment in montgomery, al.  {note: thats not the confession :)}

we lived there for about 5 or 6 months, surrounded by all the goodness that is bachelor-with-hand-me-down-navy-and-maroon-furniture.  dont get me wrong, we were grateful for it.  and its not like we had any money to be buying things ourselves, so hand me downs were FABULOUS.  thankfully i had also not "come into my own" when it came to: what exactly is natalie's grown up adult taste aside from the taste of the company she works and designs for?.

yea, i wasnt really "there" yet.

anyway, we bought our first house in a wonderful little...cookie cutter...neighborhood.  we envisioned strolling our babies on the perfectly groomed sidewalks to the picturesque little pond and feeding the ducks after work.
i would tell people "turn onto grayson grove, drive a little ways, and its the third house that looks exactly the same on the left."
there is a lot of nostalgia tied up in that great little house...we drive by it every time we visit or even drive through montgomery.
well, after being in the house for probably 2 or 3 weeks i made a trip to target and then kirklands home.  two wonderful wallet friendly stops to quickly "decorate" our new home. {insert clearing of the throat}
i came home with a trunk full of towels, tuscan inspired "wall art", clocks, candle sticks, and other rusti-cized metal decorative objects...with receipts totaling right over $200.

it was stephens and my first...discussion...concerning finances and what exactly we are to be spending money on {i.e. NOT stuff to decorate the house...think power bill and a brand spankin new mortgage}.

oh the good ole days

well, i still love me some target, and thankfully they have stepped it up over the past seven or so years with some nicely stylish things for the home {i still occasionally spec their stuff for clients}.

kirklands, however....well to say ive avoided the place is an understatement.
its just not my bag baby.

so enter pleasantly surprised me when i stumbled upon their website {due to a pinterest find, then curiosity, then click...}.  they actually have some fabulous little gems hidden between all the particle board, polyester, and "s" scrolls.

let me treat you to a few

and because halloween is right around the corner:

 for your door, not your wall of course

amazing right? i love seeing these consumer stores step it up a notch and infuse some sophisticated style on their shelves.

maybe i should stop by ours and see if my $8 merchandise credit is still good.......


  1. oh wow, nat! Those pieces are quite tasteful. I had no idea. I have run through there when I was in search of one little accent piece, but it's been a while.

  2. im impressed they stepped up their game! i had no idea. i walked into someone's house several months ago and said to myself "kirklands"... it was SCREAMING kirklands, and my ears couldnt take the screaming anymore.... yikes! haha

  3. Love the items! Thank you for sharing, Natalie!


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