wedded bliss

my baby sister was married off this weekend

rDSC_1839 copy
i am very happy that the boy we "gave" her to has been considered family for quite some time now, so its not like shes going anywhere

she is.
we havent been more than three hours apart our entire life and she is moving off to houston, tx.  i actually couldnt be more excited for them and their little newlywed adventure, but cant help but be a little jealous of the city that will now get to have her as its newest resident.
shes been on her honeymoon for just a couple days and i already have wanted to call her thirty three times about thirty three different things.
i need to just cut the cord and let her go.

BUT i have to say she did make probably the most stunning bride EVER...and while i may be biased, i think you might agree:
DSC_2153 copy
DSC_2127 copy
DSC_2130 copy
DSC_2174 copy
DSC_2183 copy
DSC_2187 copy
DSC_2128 copy
rDSC_1858 copy

more pics to come when we get some back from the photographer.  these are all i was able/remembered/in the mind frame to take!


  1. ahhh she looked gorgeous!! I love her dress--and those babies are delish!

  2. Yes. She is beautiful! And you and the babies are too! Can't wait to see more!

  3. Beautiful!! Love the cake and the flowers. . . so pretty!!!

  4. She looks gorgeous!! Love her hair, makeup and dress! So funny - reminds me a ton of my younger sister and her wedding - she got married in June. Good for you for getting some great pictures. None of us remembered to take any and we're all so sad not to have some that aren't professional. Love the picture of you and Bennet!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Cheers to the newlyweds! And you and your little bits look mighty pretty (handsome for Bennett), too!

  6. I think the entire thing was PERFECT!!! What a delightful weekend! :-) Love ya'll, La

  7. Beautiful. The cake and flowers are so elegant!

  8. Everything and everyone was beautiful and elegant! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Natalie, love your pictures and your post about baby sister's wedding. it was all pretty perfect! love your new brother in law too :) he's pretty special

  10. I have to agree...she was the most beautiful, elegant bride and totally happy. Such a fun time with everyone. XoXoXoXoXoXoXo to all of you.

  11. love love love this post and loved the wedding & our beautiful sissy, cant wait to sroll thru my pics.... eventually


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