burlap + pinecones = fall mantle

 = free and good

= basically free bc im a fabric hoarder, and GOOOOD

a couple weeks ago the kids and i drove to the area around our botanical gardens to gather pinecones.  lets credit this idea to another pinterest find. {are you tired of hearing about that site yet?!?}

when we first moved in our house, there was not a working fireplace.  not so good for my pyromaniac husband.  so installing a corner fireplace was one of the first moves we made.  tore out existing OLD built ins {considering our tv didnt remotely fit the tiny tv space anyway}
Den Built-Ins
picture of old built ins from previous owners, before we bought the house...our tv sat on the floor in front of those built ins for a month before we braved the fireplace renovation

and made way for the largest fireplace we could fit {which just happened to be the smallest wood burning one they sold} ;).  we bought an antique mantle from plunderosa on hwy 59 and had it rebuilt by our handyman to fit our fireplace opening.

and then, bc there was just no other wall in our living room to place it, the tv made its final resting place above the fireplace.  it really does serve the room well, but it makes decorating the mantle a BEAR.

so i am always on the lookout for creative, low profile ideas.

this is the happiest, easiest...ONLY fall mantle ive ever had.
DSC_0371 copy
please ignore the eerie orange glow on the tv...should have turned off the lamp

DSC_0364 copy
pinecones = nature; candle sticks = already had them; burlap = left over scrap pieces from my christmas tree skirt; plastic pumpkins = 50% off halloween decor at michaels, painted them white with leftover paint from my office project

not to mention the fall fun that was had in all in the gathering
DSC_0104 copy
DSC_0105 copy
DSC_0098 copy
DSC_0100 copy
i love it when the ground is covered in a blanket of pinestraw.
depsite her happy smiles, this lady did not.
so she spent most of her time here
while brother and i did the gathering


  1. This looks great! I'll be collecting some pine cones to go with some huge acorns I picked up the other day!

  2. That is such a good idea! We'll have to go on a pinecone hunt (although we have pine trees right next to our rental, so I guess we won't have to go that far). I can't wait until we have a mantle again to decorate! I'll be stealing your idea when we do!

  3. love this idea! I hate our tv over our mantle...and always struggle with what to do/decorate with...now I need you to show me what to do for Christmas! :)

  4. what a precious story!
    i am shocked those are painted white, orange plastic pumpkins. I have been to your house, and I thought they were those fancy ceramic white ones!!

  5. i love the pinecone hunt :) i forgot what yalls tv area looked like before yall redid it! love the fall additions!


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