facelift de mi casa: master bedroom

so, last we spoke about dealings with my house, i think i mentioned something about adding on a room instead of redoing the kitchen.  then the thought of doing all of that before baby was born overwhelmed my pregnant brained self and we just decided to get a new roof.

because i mean HOW much FUN are new roofs???!!!???
EVERYONE loves spending money on new roofs.

ok it was a {way} long time coming and the house really does look leaps and bounds better, BUT i can think of a million different ways to spend that nice chunk of change.
being an adult = house maintenance = ew

so i am slowly picking away at the rooms in our house, to appease my need/want to do SOMETHING.  little tweaks here and there to update what has never been updated.
i may or may not be nesting {more on that in separate post}

we will start with the master bedroom.
this is what it looks like now {minus those tiny wal mart lamps...those were replaced with larger jc penney ones a couple years ago...cant find them.  must be discontinued}:

not bad. but maybe just not me.
it WAS me when i was 4 months newlywed and dreamed of traveling abroad.
this is exactly what our bedroom looked like in montgomery, too

no that is not the same room.  two different rooms, two different houses, two different cities.
6.75 years and no change 
i still LOVE the paint color
valspar mark twain house olive from home depot
in real life it looks more like the photographs...deep olive-ish gray

in our current house, our bedroom used to be the carport and the previous owners enclosed it, so it is HUGE.  i really dont need that much room in my bedroom {would rather have it in my den and kitchen} but this color is so nice to fall asleep/wake up to and our room is big enough to support such a saturated color.

so, that is not changing.

other side of the room:

we have since gotten a flat screen so the big box in the corner is no more. right now the tv is sitting ON that top mirror shelf, but im thinking that mirror might hit storage and the tv be more purposely placed.  we also have replaced that tiny bin to the right of the dresser with a huge basket for TOYS.  looks exactly like this one from crate and barrel but is from our local southeastern salvage:
we have another one in the den.  they are both full.  no matter how many times i clean them out.
{and i love that...bc that = my babies}

this is the window wall view.  i know you all want sources for the wonders beheld in this photo.
i think im just going to leave you hanging ;)

our original quilt {shown above} was from west elm and a great color but way mis-sized {which i have found most of their quilts to be??}.  so i bought a fluffy white one from company store {discontinued} a few months ago and SOMEHOW changing the quilt made it feel like we were sleeping on a cloud.  i know, quilts have nothing to do with mattresses....but it changed the entire feel of our bed just the same.

and now we get to the "i know what i want in my head, now i just have to FIND it" part of any job i do.  i create the look in my head and then have the hardest time finding the fabrics/furniture that match what i designed in said head.
i envy those who are able to design/manufacture/sell their own fabric/furniture lines.
i would DIE
and be broke

and, i digress.
so, on the agenda:
  • new pillows.  our old ones consisted of three floor pillows from stein mart {still love those monstrous tufted things, just need a break from that burnt orange color}, and two striped pillows...my first sewing project as an "adult." i loved stripes then, and still do now...just take a quick peek in my closet...talk about needing to branch out... 
just a TINY glimpse at the plethora of memos ive run through
such a pretty print - great colors
  • new drapes: probably white linen/cotton blend, for versatility and timeless-ness. two things i need more of in my house. depending on budget, either euro/parisian pleat

or simple flat pleat top
but with hooks, NOT clips...
= yes

= no

  • skirt bedside tables: we never use the drawers.  i can get a dish for my chapstick :)  and i need to break up all the wood in the room, since our bed is a big solid platform-ish bed.
  • new artwork over the bed and around room: yes, my italian vista fields have got to go. italy looks nothing like these prints, as i learned years and years ago, and, well, yeah, their time has passed.  and this is the part that takes me forever.  have it in head, cant find it {affordably} in reality.  if i rediscover my art-bone and find a huge chunk of available hours in my day which i know will be SUPER easy once this baby is born i might try painting something myself. maybe
  • something to the stools at the end of the bed...reupholster? slipcover/skirt?
and thats the crux of it.

i think ive decided on the main pillow fabric, and already have materials and glass to skirt the nightstands.
hopefully this project will be done sooner than later, pictures of the finished product and other rooms in my house to come!


  1. I love that just like me, you too love all your kids toys and all of their stuff because like you said, it equals them. And what a blessing they are and these toys and all the stuff is so temporary. That's one thing I've stopped doing-apologizing for their messes- because I love it! Can't wait for the pics!

  2. YAY this will be a fun project! I love that 2nd picture fabric example! I can't believe how IDENTICAL your montgomery room is to now... oh memories!

  3. Can't wait to see what you end up with....I know it will be gorgeous! :-) Love ya'll, La

  4. I can't believe you have had the same room for over 6 years!! Bedding is something that I change out a couple times a year, I actually made new bedding over the weekend. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  5. i know what you are sayin...since i've known you your entire life, and more (but I digress!)....yes, it is all in your head, but you will find it...and DO it!
    can't wait to see the finished product :)

  6. Love those fabrics!! Can't wait to see a new room. You deserve it. Especially after SIX years!!!

  7. Thanks, my dark floors look lovely. I cannot wait to move into my new master bedroom. My walls are moonlight white. I am loving whites and contrasts.
    Show us how your room turns out, reminds me of Lauren over at Pure Style Home....take a look at her last project.


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