fall festivities

a post with many pictures, few words

mom trying to do a "photo shoot" with kids that did NOT work. 
so here are just a couple that were kinda sorta "ok":
DSC_0125 copy
DSC_0117 copy bw
DSC_0139 copy cropped
DSC_0170 copy
DSC_0171 copy
DSC_0177 copy
DSC_0181 copy

visit to the pumpkin patch
DSC_0194 copy
DSC_0204 copy
DSC_0215 copy
DSC_0226 copy

school field trip to the farm
DSC_0283 copy
DSC_0289 copy
DSC_0319 copy
DSC_0309 copy
DSC_0314 copy
DSC_0292 copy
DSC_0328 copy
DSC_0344 copy
DSC_0339 copy

emory just being early morning emory
DSC_0457 copy
DSC_0459 copy

playing "go fish" with daddy
DSC_0453 copy

with mr jacobs birthday fastly approaching, i have to say i really am enjoying my fall this year. 
nice weather, feeling good, good routines {minus a few emerging molars and their dreaded side effects}, football and food.
speaking of food, i thought i was feeling huge until i unearthed this picture from last year...
the day before i had emory
got a ways to go...

{as i was just looking over these pictures i realized any professional photographer out there might be gagging at how terrible my color balances are...meaning some pictures look really green, others blue, blah blah.  i really need to read up on how to fix those sorts of thing cause i sure as heck dont know...i wish i had that "auto fix" button all you iphoto people use! :) ... any tips out there photogs??}


  1. B looks really big in the posed pics...like he knows just what he is doing to take a cute pic :)

    i LOVE the second morning pic of Em.

    you would hate iphoto auto fix! i don't usually like auto fix period but it is better in photoshop ... maybe you need that?

  2. there sure are alot of pictures of Bennett with cute little girls!
    love that second morning pic of Em! speaks volumes! haha

  3. That second morning pic of Emory is great! I told you she needed a 'fainting couch!' She already has the pose down flat! Love the Bennett ones too! He has obviously gotten over his camera aversion! :-) Love ya'll, La

  4. When did Bennett become such a BIG boy? And a ladies man might I add.
    And as always, I love my little Girly. .

  5. scrumptious babies...

    and i love bennett's genuine smile :) and am in agreement with ems 2nd morning pic being awesome.

  6. your kids are so cute!!! can't wait to see Jacob... i feel sure he will be just as darling.

  7. preciousness Natalie! Both of them!


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