boxwood bliss

they might not smell like fresh pine garland...
{but then again NEITHER DOES OUR TREE...
please someone tell me why our tree doesnt smell...}

but boxwoods are chic and gorgeous for holiday decorating.

im smitten

and i LOVE indoor wreaths on windows...
if i wasnt so preggo and about to POP, i might take the time to do this.
next year!
of course this southern girl loves her some magnolia as well!
what about you? 
boxwood? magnolia? traditional pine?

its all good in my book!
happy decorating :)
DSC_0839 copy

{im so super lazy today, and im sorry.  all photos found on google images or pinterest
cept for the last one.  that one belongs to me :) }


  1. where did you get your star? i need one.
    i LOVE boxwood but nothin' beats pine. our tree does smell...delicious mmm.
    where does one get a boxwood wreath? i wonder if they dry and could be used again (unlike pine grrr)

  2. I love the boxwood wreaths much more than I like them growing in the ground. :) Cute picture at the end! And you are so sweet about Wheeler. Sometimes, I think he looks a little like yours with his slate blue eyes! I'll have to find a good picture to demonstrate and send it to you.

  3. My feet hit our floor each morning and I sniff and sniff, but like yours ours isn't very fragrant either! Loved looking at all those pics..esp the last one..B looks so grown :(....well you know what I mean..sad bc time is flying!

  4. great pictures! i will have to pin a few of those myself. or wait, maybe i already have. i seem to repin images ALL THE TIME. The last pic is about the sweetest thing ever. too bad emery was no where to be seen b/c that would make one adorable Christmas card!!

  5. Love that boxwood too...and the magnolias, but LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that boy! Isn't he the cutest thing? :-) Love ya'll, too, of course! La

  6. great pics!! i love the boxwood, and her ya about being ready to POP! :)

  7. so now i need to get OFF the computer and go decorate my house. how in thw world do u make a boxwood wreath? or do u buy them?

  8. LOVE these images. This is the first year in about 5 that I don't have a boxwood wreath on my door. Not able to find one here in Meridian like they had in Birmingham! But I did manage to get all 13 douglas fir wreaths hung on the exterior windows today!


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