fall turned christmas

well halloween is over, we are halfway through november, and we have already seen santa.
all in a matter of two weeks.

DSC_0521 copy
DSC_0513 copy

we trick or treated around our neighborhood this year with a big group of neighbors. 
kids had a blast and emory ate five or so graham crackers on the golf cart so she was happy past her normal bed time.
one house gave out toys instead of candy.  bennett got a gun.
a very LOUD gun.

and he didnt get one single Mounds {my fave halloween candy}.
PLENTY of starburst {eww}

weve been spending lots of time outside thanks to the fabulous fall weather.  the fact that we have even had a fall the past few years is enough to make me love my home even more.  i have to have a fall.  ours may not be as bold or as beautiful as several states north of us, but its provided comfortable weather, some fires in the fireplace, warm soup suppers, boots and scarves, and lovely fall foliage.
DSC_0576 copy
DSC_0613 copy
this little lady is changing daily...for scrapbooking sake right now she is: saying ball, momma, mimi, dada, puppy, eat, byebye, uh oh, signing more and eat, waving, playing patty cake, generally being a huge flirt, saying animal noises for sheep and horse, NOT walking, blowing kisses, obsessing over her shoes, loving outside and her puppy, taking longer afternoon naps {now that molars are pushing through}, taking three VERY warm sippy cups of milk a day while being held like a baby but refusing to drink while she eats, throwing tantrums, loving attention and touch, and loving to GO.

bennett went on his first hunting trip with daddy last week
Bennett hunts
there was a gun there only as a prop for bennett's sake.  they basically just went to see the deer {which bennett informed me before they went that you only shoot buck deer, not white tails [what he calls does]. i was very happy with this three year old assessment}.  they might not have seen anything, but bennett was decked out and ready in case they did :)

we have been living in a construction zone the past month.  painting, small "alterations" around the house,
Old bookshelves
updates {vents, shoe molding, cased openings, light switches, etc}, and a big adjustment in bennetts room to accommodate his little sister moving in.
Bennetts old closet
all the workers have "moved out" and i am FINALLY enjoying my dust free home.  it was the closest ive come to breaking down this pregnancy.  i have learned to overlook baby clutter and general LIFE as it comes with the territory, but i do NOT...i repeat do NOT do well with DIRTY.  and our house has been D.I.R.T.Y.
dirty no more.  all the rooms in our house are back to general normalcy, except my office.  and i can handle that for now.  goal: clean that up before jacob makes his debut.

and since my nesting has been quite drastic and intense this baby-go-round, ill have plenty of "afters" to show you very soon. {!!}

for now, more pics of the babes and i at santa breakfast with junior league this past weekend.  daddy was on a work {-related} trip this weekend so that is why he is MIA.

bennett loves meryl.  they have been friends basically since birth and the older they get the more i think they look like siblings.
DSC_0656 copy
emory was not afraid of the man in red
DSC_0664 copy
bennett told him he wants "a lightning mcqueen bike {check}, the black hunting truck power wheel {check}, and a 'hero of the rails set' {...urmmmm need to get on that...just know its thomas the train related}"
DSC_0672 copy
DSC_0680 copy
i dont know what is in emorys mouth.  probably good that i dont...
DSC_0686 copy
after santa breakfast bennett went home with buddy jack so he could play and attend another friends birthday party while i took emory to her grandparents so that i could attend a celebration of a very good friends upcoming wedding.  there was no way bennett was missing this birthday party and these pictures almost brought me to tears.  thank you schwants for taking care of my boy on saturday!  i can tell how happy he was seeing his buddies again!

im back to my computer aversion, similar to the early days of pregnancy.  i mean i could spend hours on pinterest or checking blogs on my phone, but i dont last very long doing ANYTHING on the actual lap top.  this may affect my blogging but i will try not to allow it...as i have many things planned to blog about! :)

happy fall yall


  1. So sweet! I love the picture with the kids and you (you look fabulous by the way!). My Charlotte (who is only a few days younger than Emory) is also NOT walking! Maybe it's a virgo thing! xo

  2. love those babies. i agree that u look fab in that pic w them!!!

  3. Precious pics! :-)Love all ya'll, La

  4. Yes you do look great..the kids are as precious as ever...and that is a gorgeous Santa! I have a thing with looking for the "good, pretty looking, classic" Santas...I'm weird I know. His pants are great!

  5. LOVE the picture of emory basically propped on your belly. so cute. you sure do have some beautiful babies.
    can't wait to see all the "after" pics too :)

  6. LOVE all the pictures of the babes; they are growing so!
    Know you are so glad to get done with the house projects, and can now add your finishing touches. Love yall!

  7. Cute post Natalie! Can't wait to see what Robert and his crew did! Let's definitely do lunch after Thanksgiving!!


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