sneak peak: camera phone edition

because who really carries a real camera anymore?

some of these are different jobs, some are my house, some are kids rooms, all are in progress.

S sofas
C light
C chair
C chair closeup
R drapes
R bookcase

J dresser
E owl
E crib
B dresser

and to answer some of your questions from a few posts back:
my sofa is this three cushion, tight back sofa from lee industries 
its only two inches or so longer than our old sofa, but i can completely lie down on it {much more room to SIT vs old sofa with monstrously thick rolled arms}.  i was really leaning towards the more structured, nail-head-ed sofas but decided since i was going a little crazy/statement with the color then i probably should stay traditional with the sofa lines.  i love the look of two cushion sofas but we dont have much seating in our den and three cushions makes it look like more people can sit on the sofa {vs in the middle crack}.  three cushions also have less sag since they are smaller :) {FYI}.  there was an option with five pillows but i opted for the two pillow sofa, knowing i would add more myself.  i wish i had done the five pillow just because the pillows are so comfy and i usually pile both of them behind me when im lounging. 
and honestly who KNOWS when im going to get around to buying/finding more pillows.

the throw pillows are a fabric by lee, but i did COM for the body fabric:
robert allen's gentle dream in thyme
its a polyester velvet, from their contract line.  this picture doesnt really do it justice...its a very pure limey green, no brown or blue or "hunter" undertones.  im pretty sure its one of those mass marketed fabrics, available through many different names and many different distributors {i think i saw it at a local fabric warehouse recently}, but robert allen is where i found it originally.
it has already been spit up on, thrown up on TWICE {sick teething baby...}, wiped with snotty noses, and marked on with a sharpie pen {accidental babysitter blunder}
ALL came out with extreme minimal effort.
to say i am pleased is an INTENSE understatement.
five stars

well, i have another baby coming along in possibly less than a month and i am way less stressed than i was last year at this time.
i might be delusional, or just simply in denial.
either way, im enjoying these days with my family and enjoying my ridiculously left field, 
spur of the moment kind of nursery. 
{changed my entire vision/plan ON THE PHONE while giving the painter, 
who was at the paint store, the paint color.}
my houston sister was not available for comforting after my hasty decision so i took a shower and talked myself down from a paint color cliff.  and thankfully my wallet and i are thrilled with the outcome.  stephen and i have both realized this will most likely be our favorite nursery yet {thats right...he is really vocally liking the looks of things and i am thrilled we are on the same page.  i really value his opinion and taste, 
i just dont always agree with it ;)}

well its past nine oclock which means its past this old lady's bed time.


  1. WELL....I love it! What a cool tile(?) light fixture! Would love to see the whole thing. Now...we just need Jacob to appear. What a pretty color for his room! You DID change on the fly didn't you? Looks wonderful! :-) Love ya'll, La

  2. can;t wait to see EVERYTHING!! i'm so glad you bought those gold owls. they were too neat to pass up. i also see you assembled bennets dresser. going to need pics woman!! i cant just come over and look around anymore!
    and ps im glad i was able to somewhat affirm your decision after you had the panicky moment. <3

  3. sometimes i wish i was you...or could borrow your brain for decorating purposes.

  4. I Need that grey sofa! Where did you get it?

  5. I sure do love that gray sofa and those fabrics below it! ;)You got a lot going on, Girl! Oh, and just about to have a baby too!
    Love yall

  6. love all the fun things going on! i cant wait to se your house when its COMPLETELY finished... will that ever happen? i hope so! :)


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