with thanks

im thankful for many things this year

two healthy children

DSC_0481 copy
a healthy baby boy who is bound and determined to make his presence known {from one sciatic nerve to the other}

a hardworking, attentive, loving husband

and two fantastic families:
crazy and dynamic and entertaining and loyal
all those things

but this year i guess i am most thankful for the gracious love my two families have shown each other for the past, five{?} years at thanksgiving.

you dont choose your family, and even though stephen and i chose each other, our two families did not.  its just a special situation that our families have mushed and merged over stephens and my twelve year relationship and love each other like one BIG family.
special indeed.

so while i know this might not always be the case, as other members of our family are marrying and starting families of their own, this year i am very thankful that for the past many years our thanksgiving has been stress free.  no deciding who gets what meal or how many huge meals we have to eat in one single day.

i read on a friends blog that thanksgiving is perhaps the purest christian holiday of them all.  nothing less than giving complete thanks to a wonderfully loving God and gracious Savior, for all the fabulous blessings we are given because He loves us so much.


eat lots of good food, hug your friends and family, and thanks for reading :)

{pictures in the post serve as inspiration for the table setting task i face tomorrow}


  1. lucky you! love the table settings! oh and the kiddos too!! hope you are feeling well!!

  2. Sniff, sniff....sniff.....Love ya'll, La....sniff....

  3. Oh, Nat, so special. We are so blessed to share Thanksgiving with our extended family. So many special memories - with lots of love and laughter.


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