got elf?

we now officially elf.
do you?
dumb question.  of course you do.
its more than obvious now that everyone with a child under the age of 10 elfs.  there is no reason we havent, i just never thought too much about it or ... im sorry .... cared? enough to go get one and do it. {i realize now how terrible this makes me.  bad mommy.  i had NO idea.}
that is until bennett was bombarded with questions from church friends, neighbors, school friends, etc like "what is your elf's name?" "where did your elf hide last night?".  the most recent inquisition happened at his good buddy jack's house where said questions were asked and i was told by jacks mommy that bennetts response to "what is your elf's name?" was "zero. because i dont have one."
so, before picking him up i ran to buy him his very own "elf on a shelf."

the next morning bennett saw the book on the kitchen counter and thought his buddy jack brought it to him :) after reading it he excitedly searched the house for his elf.
and that is why everyone should go buy an elf on the shelf.
so they can watch their child, overcome with that christmas spirit sparkle, search excitedly for the little elf who magically appeared just for them.

Zeroe the elf
{im so glad those holes in the wall arent there anymore...sconces installed this past weekend! woop!}

we, including bennett of course, thought zero was a perfect name for our elf.  i asked bennett to spell it for me.  he said "zzzzuh - eeee - ruh - ohhhh. momma he has my name in his! just like me!"
this completely went over my head so i just did that typical mom "uh huh ok buddy what letter comes first?"
and he said, "Z. E. R. O. E.  just like OUR name!"
...i know.  you cant make this stuff up
and that is how zeroe the elf came to be.  we love him and ive already had to get back out of bed to go move him to his new location.  its going to be a long month :)

{and ps take note: those of you who might be parenting my children whilst im at the hospital working to bring another one into the mix, the elf changes location every night while the children are sleeping.  and, just like santa, zeroe the elf will know that bennett and emory are at someone elses house and will obviously find them there as well... have fun :) }


  1. You make me laugh....the other night dru and I were already in bed and then I was like.."ugh, I've got to get up and move the elf". Nights like that, elf equals a hassle, so the nights I don't forget, I try to make up for the nights when I just throw him somewhere new, by being extra creative. Whatever that means for me. simms loves him though so I keep on :) and cope really doesn't care much. Love zeroe's name.

  2. Laughed out loud at zeroe!!! Absolutely hilarious!!

  3. And I just commented from my phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i almost bought b an elf his first christmas but you didnt seem to be into elfing.... i can definitely see how it kinda comes with the territory of having an almost 4 year old who has friends :) so fun.

  5. you crack me up! and i'm so impressed with bennett's logical explanation and spelling of zeroe's name.

  6. you've got to look on pinterest - there are tons of "creative things to do with your elf" pins

  7. We elf too! Sipsey named him Pip and I always forget to move him. One morning I frantically gave Sipsey a chore to do before she came downstairs while I RAN downstairs and threw him on top of the fridge! Pip has really helped in the behavior department at our house!

  8. oh how my children love the elf, funny he hasn't forgotten to move yet.... he is running out of places to land....


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