i was born a ramblin' (wo)man

sometimes its just the way i post
it works for me...

this baby is coming soon...so soon and bennett is counting down the days, telling everyone the countdown as we go.
we have been celebrating christmas so hard every day i actually feel like i might enjoy it this year :) i mean i always love christmas, but santas been busy since june so he/shes feeling pretty well caught up at this point.  so with the hectic buying-up-the-town part out of the way, the christmas spirit at our house is running quite strong. fires, lights, dancing, and nativity talks.  baby jesus and the dang elf and the advent calendar and our christmas cd's are the most popular things running at this point.  celebrities, all four of them.
is this a daily occurance in your house?

half naked children jamming out to manheim steamroller?
presenting the true meaning of christmas in all their innocent goodness.

why do all baby dolls these days either cry, suck pretend bottles, poop, play peek a boo, or dress like miley cyrus?  baby sally cloud {god rest her soul} was a recent victim of the tummy virus so this attractive gal will be her replacement come december 25th:

Awful clothes
im calling fashion police on her 90's washed blue jeans and rainbow tunic.
seriously people, what happened to the good ole sweet baby doll dressed like a BABY?
santa has some last minute wardrobe adjustments to make before sally jr makes her debut

and three months of searching and seventy dollars later we are the proud owners of this $20 train.
Seventy dollar train
one of the only things bennetts asked for for christmas.  that happened to be discontinued years ago.
thank you ebay rapists.

these pretties are being installed on a job on monday.
Concrete counters
all concrete.
i was pretty ocd and type A on the finish of these.  i had a really hard time handing all my pictures and thoughts and explicit graining and toning information over to the concrete "artiste" and leaving it up to him to "see" what was in my head.  i like to personally choose every slab of stone that goes in a project, and THEN figure out which way the graining runs/where they are placed on said job.  this was a stretch.
but from what i can see via email and picture message they look fantastic.

look what my big 14th month old can do

thats right, eat like a 6 month old, finally.
ladies and gentlemen she is eating minimally solid foods off spoons right now, without gagging.
oatmeal, yogurt and the like.

and trying to feed herself {sorta}.

and this one thinks this is the appropriate sized spoon for eating yogurt
Bennett and really big spoon
and why shouldnt it be?

kangaroos are at the exploreum downtown right now
Bennett and kangaroos
{apparently bennett applied too much base this morning and looks a little ghostly}
i almost stole one of these little joeys AND their pouch, but thought three kids and a baby kangaroo might be a little much to handle inside city limits.
Baby kangaroos
maybe one day when i get my dream farm i can add baby kangaroos to the wishlist, joining year round vegetable garden with a sprinkler system, butterfly garden, chickens, sunrises and sunsets, and open green fields where the kids {or...more realistically by the time this ever could happen...GRAND kids} can run free till i call them in for dinner.

this juice is really good but im having a hard time finding it consistently
anything to help me get my vegetables and fruits in right now, since neither ever sound good
{i love you carbs}

this is what happens when its cold outside and mommy is 52 weeks pregnant
Bennett tears up his closet
bored children live in their jammies and impulsively do things like empty every single container-resembling thing in their playroom onto the floor or rake every single piece of clothing off the rod and then apparently roll around in them.
i might have had to turn my back to stifle the laughter at my hardly-ever-impulsive-almost-four-year-old before "sternly" telling him to clean it all up.
and that he was {snort} very {giggle} naughty.
it was a good lesson on properly hanging clothes.
and what is really happening when kids are quiet for too long...

i love getting christmas cards.  i think i may email one out this year if picture even gets taken.?.  if not, be expecting a new years, valentines, or perhaps memorial day card from the roe family...depends on this whole "third baby" thing
Jacob squished
i sure cant wait to meet this little i mean big chubby fat man

have a great weekend everyone!
i am vowing to myself that i will have some hot chocolate at some point.
or, if i get so inspired/leave the house, THIS
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  1. i had the phrase "one week from today!!" running through my head ALLLLL day long! meant to text you. can't wait :)

  2. OK...this is my favorite way to start the day....laughing my head off...at it alllllll! Wonderful post...love the pics and videos....and the truth of life in the real world! Ready for this week! Hahahaha! :-) Love ya'll, La

  3. ohhhhh these videos! :) it's like you came over to my house and video taped my children! they are so cute!

  4. aw love the videos. and YAY!! now little jacob is here! and there will be a thrid half naked baby to jam out to manheim ;)

  5. love those dancin half naked babies!

  6. Ramblin posts are the Best!!
    Love your music choices too ;)


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