its saturday

i love saturdays.
i love having an extra set of hands with the kids and, in having them, stephen and i both accomplish so much.
for starters i took a shower and dried my hair and put on clothes, all by nine thirty.
the kids were dressed soon after, and we didnt even have any plans to go anywhere.

DSC_0870 copy
clean house, clean car, baby clothes washed and on hangers, stockings made, emorys {new} crib skirt made, santa gifts picked up and hidden, SEC football, delicious dinner tag teamed in the kitchen {post to come}...
lots of good saturday things.

but the TWO biggest pieces of news around here are as follows:

emory and bennett officially cohabitate.
DSC_0892 copy
we moved her into his room on thursday night and the past two nights they have slept better and longer than they have apart.  i have no idea why and im not really going to press the matter. 
 DSC_0867 copy
who knows if it will last but all these rosy little dreams i have about bennett and emory sharing a room are looking like they could possibly come true.
 DSC_0904 copy
DSC_0898 copy
please pardon the drool and runny nose.  this is life.  it is real.
DSC_0894 copy
DSC_0896 copy
ahhh ... theres that REAL smile.  blurry, but REAL

 and i love how it now gives jacob his own room, waiting for his arrival.  im waiting to post pictures until all is complete.  and IT WILL BE COMPLETE.  for the first time EVER i WILL have my childrens rooms complete enough to take pictures of.
what an incredibly important, appropriate goal to have placed at the forefront of my "these things are important" list.

in other news,
emory is walking!  she walked for my sister erin on wednesday before thanksgiving, took a few more tentative steps on turkey day, but started walking across the room and the like this past monday.  and doing things like this:

she is a little proud of herself.  always takes a moment after first standing to give herself a round of applause before continuing on her walk.

and to close,
my family {esp mother and mother in law} think im about to go into labor any second now.  i have been having PRE labor contractions {really strong wednesday night} and baby is low and ready to G.O. according to my doctor.  and while it might not look that way, ha, i am 38 weeks but my tummy only measures 35. 
cause i have a baby living in my PELVIS. 
not my tummy apparently.
and i FEEL it.
DSC_0861 copy
however i just dont see me "going into labor."
maybe its bc i never have.
DSC_0859 copy
i see that there is a CHANCE, since im pretty much getting induced {due to my monster sized newborns} right before 40 weeks...a date i just recently moved back even further so as not to miss bennetts christmas play at school.
he gets in the car babbling about his christmas play this past week and i say, "bennett thats the same day that mommy will be in the hospital to have jacob!  your christmas play day might be jacobs birthday! but daddy will be there to see you"
bennett, big doe eyes starting to water: "you arent going to be there? but momma you HAVE to be there.  they TOLD me you were going to be there.  i am a shepherd and mary alice is my sheep!"
yeah jacob can wait one more day this mommy is going to see her son and his "speaking part" in his 15 minute preschool play.
DSC_0860 copy


  1. You look beautiful..and I'm so excited for you! And I teared up a little reading the dialogue with Bennett...how sweet and precious! Sending prayers your way!!

  2. Oh! What sweet silhouette pictures. I just love them!

  3. you just brought me to tears. such a good mama! i would do the same thing...hard to imagine missing one of their productions!

  4. The big advantage to being a mom or mother in law is that we can think whatever we want to and it doesn't change one blessed thing! Hahahahaha!

    I think I can, I think I can.....wait for Jacob, that is....but only because I HAVE to! :-) Love ya'll, La

  5. Gorgeous, Natalie! Love those silhouette pictures. Maybe Jacob will arrive BEFORE Bennett's play! ;)

  6. wow those black and white photos of yall are beautiful and need to be framed.
    i wish i would be home in time to see bennett's play. but i'll be home on the 18th for some QT with all my babees.

  7. Oh I adore those black and whites with you and your babies. So sweet.

  8. Oh my goodness you look so so beautiful!!!!! I can't believe the day is almost here! Rest up as much as you can, Mama!

  9. BEAUTIFUL pics Natalie!!! Love this post and can't wait to meet precious Jacob!

  10. i just love love loved this post :)

  11. You look so great. What are the age difference in the kiddos? We do have a lot in common... but I am about to have #2... not 3! :)


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