because none of these things in and of themselves are worth blogging about, but together they create a post

{longest title ever? yes.}

hold on tight

i walked outside a couple weeks ago after putting jacob down for a nap and found this

 DSC_0426 copy
apparently bennett got a hold of the hose and emory was on the receiving end
 DSC_0429 copy
we are lucky she is so tough

my hands are in the sink every day and the dishwater hands are about to overwhelm me.  ive tried every lotion we have in our house including eucerin's aquaphor {what we have to occasionally use on emory and her dry skin}.  nothing works.  then i splurged {$5} and bought this

it.  is.  amazing.

another dish-washing tool that has saved me is this beaut

this is the one {below} weve had since bennett was a wee one and it is terrible
just because you pull it out of the bottle and water goes EVERYWHERE.  the one with the sponge top does not.  BIG DEAL.  HUGE. ;)

this has been our constant companion the past week
because this little guy
has RSV.
he most likely got it from her
DSC_0506 copy
who is obsessed with kissing her baybee.
{she gets a little proud of herself when she is sweet.  she is not always sweet...}

he is on the upswing but NOTHING...i mean NOTHING is worse for a momma than a baby in pain.  he is WAY too young to be so sick.  i guess its part of it...but it is NOT cool.
thankfully he is smiling all the way
DSC_0558 copy
and last week started hitting at and batting his toys.
he is two and a half months old.
bennett was FOUR months old when he accomplished this feat.
is jacob a genius you ask?
why yes.  his momma says indeed he is.
{arent all your children too?? :) }

there is this little holiday round these parts called mardi gras.  its over and now its lent. {i gave up french fries and chocolate.  i dont always do this, but it was nearing intervention levels so it had to be done.  it has made me realize just how much chocolate i consume these days.  im dying over here...}
well, during mardi gras bennett's preschool has a big mardi gras parade in the neighborhood across from his school.
his class was zoo animals and we had to make a "float" for him to have his daddy pull in the parade.
DSC_0477 copy
he wanted to be the monkey and i said DONE.
DSC_0472 copy

weve been spending much of this mild winter outside
{and apparently playing with instagram}
the weathers been so tricky its tricked all the spring flowers into blooming...including these beauties who have never EVER bloomed in our six years in this house.  i spotted five flowers on our walk the other day.
all the azaleas are also blooming, or at least started to, and now its cold again and they are probably so confused.  im just sad we wont have easter azalea pictures this year :( spring in southern alabama really is a sight to behold, and i fear this weather has stunted it a bit.

bennett asked for my phone a couple days ago because he had to "show [me] something very cool".  he came back and showed me this picture he took
he parked all his vehicles in the flower bed.
SO cool

emory loves reading books and can actually make herself do this

{clasped fists included} if we dont read her the book when she wants us to read her the book.
tough i tell you.

i heard a noise in the dining room during nap time the other day and after looking around confused, i finally flipped up the skirt of a chair to find this

i go on spurts of cooking...not enough, but then again we have kinda had a rocky road around here recently.
{rocky road...ice cream...chocolate...argh}
i have a few recipes to share and now that i have internet on my computer once again, i will hopefully be blogging more regularly!
DSC_0466 copy

thanks for putting up with this mess


  1. Sounds like a crazy, blessed life in the real world of parenthood! Glad the littlest bit is trying to feel better! REALLY glad your internet is working. Looking forward to every post. Love the pics...and ya'll, of course! :-)La

  2. i got a good chuckle over the bottle sponge. we too have the one that sprays water all over your face and i cannot tell you how many times i cursed that durn thang. sorry to hear about jacob :( looks like he's feeling better though. hope to see your crew soon!

  3. Love the randomness...it did make for a great post! Can't wait to for some recipes, I definitely need some inspiration!

  4. What a great post! Love it. And I love how you are so able to include the everyday, even the speed bumps, and find the joy in it. Good luck on that chocolate thing! On Easter Sunday, head straight to Starbucks for a hot chocolate... Mmm mmmm mmm. It will be worth the wait, though!

  5. sometimes i think your random posts are the best. and this one is no exception. LOVE all the pics of the baybees.

  6. Love the randomness! So real life! I laughed out loud at Bennett's float - SO great! And his vehicles parked in the flower bed - awesome! And Emory's face reading the book! Hysterical! Jacob is precious! Hope he feels better soon!

    Eleanor made this and loved it! She says it's so easy. I'm going to try it, but you might like it too.


  7. i like the random.... so sad jacob has been sick but he sure does look like a cutie when he feels bad.

  8. Precious kiddos. Glad Jacob is on the upswing. Gray has had two colds... two. And he's only 7 weeks old. Thank you, big brother!

  9. I too am a fan of random posts. Love all of the pictures of the kids. So fun to keep up with all of their activites. So sad that sweet little Jacob is sick. Praying for a speedy recovery. Love you

  10. Such a sweet, funny post! Your babies are precious! Loved the photo of the source of the noise in the dining room! too cute!



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