the camp: sources

some of you have asked for some sources from the camp post...i am happy to give you paint colors and item sources that i can, if you would email me at: natalieroeindsATgmailDOTcom

the concrete guy we used is David Trimmier with Absolute Artisans in brewton, alabama.  As you can tell from his WEBSITE he does all kinds of concrete creations...i informed him early on that we were going to be "boring" clients bc i did not want extremely busy, colorful concrete.  i wanted something with a gentler graining, more "concrete" in color {except the bathrooms where we went white}.  i think we were all extremely pleased with our "boring" choices ;) one of the coolest things about the concrete is that he can hide all the seams with veins.  it worked out really well for our large areas of counter top.  dave was extremely accommodating, understood the directions/vision we had, and really takes his work seriously as an artist.  he was wonderful to work with and i couldnt recommend him more!  visit his website and give him a call...tell him natalie sent you :) or feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.

the reclaimed beams and barn siding were found by our "wood guy," aka fletcher horn with antique building materials, WEBSITE.  we actually found him off an ad in alabama magazine.  after talking with him and looking further into his work i realized i recognized a ton of it...and come to find out he works closely with tracery interiors on much of their work.  the man has great taste and is another example of someone who lives and breathes his work as ART. 

also, if you are in the middle-to-lower-alabama area, our contractor adam beech was wonderful.  i thoroughly enjoyed working with him, which is more than i can say about every building experience ;) email me if you want his information.

that about does it for now! 
have a great weekend 
{i promise pictures of babies are coming...for those who are asking...FAMILY
...so here is one to whet your baby appetite}

ok and my sister just texted me about whitney houston.  i would be lying if i didnt almost think about preparing my eyes for tears...these celebrities are so tragic! such a waste of amazing God given talent.  makes me so sad. heres to you ms houston.  you werent just good...you were GREAT


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