dear my third baby

DSC_0154 copy
you are my baby doll.  my living baby doll.  
 DSC_0148 copy
you are more serious, like your brother.  you look more like him from the nose up too.  but you look like your sister from the nose down.  and then there are those who think you dont look like anybody.  all i know is you look VERY familiar and its hard to imagine when i did NOT know what you look like {very difficult to explain, so im not going to try :) }.

you are a good sleeper most of the time and gave us seven good solid hours one night many weeks ago.  and then you didnt...and continued waking up once a night.  then last week you started sleeping from ten or ten thirty until four thirty or five in the morning.  and THEN you started waking up again and not wanting to go to sleep...just grunting and spitting out the paci and making your poor exhausted mother walk up and down our extremely long hallway way too many times in the middle of the night.
you are quite inconsistent
BUT you are very content when you are awake.  you need to get used to other people holding you though...ive realized its generally you and me all day every day and you arent exactly fond of momma not being there.
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speaking of, i love loving you and knowing you love me.  its pretty ridiculous but not at the same time...i LOVE that unconditional-needing-love you get from your babies.  its like a drug and i could drink it up.  and i DO drink it up.  every.  single.  day.  because one day little jacob you will grow much bigger and our love {while still all there and beautiful} might become...clouded one might say...with whines and tantrums and smart talk.
 DSC_0176 copy 2
so ill drink up all your precious infant lovey goodness right now while i still can.
DSC_0189 copy
dont tell your brother and sister but sometimes i sneak away to your nursery, close the door, turn on your baby music, and just cuddle with you.  i dont even care what is happening to the world outside you and me {i.e. my house}.  i honestly dont.  i just have to sit in the baby-smell-quiet and soak you in...so my batteries will be recharged and i can attack the chaos that is happening outside our little sanctuary head on.
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DSC_0221 copy
i love on your babyness what seems like more than with the other two, maybe because i know you will most likely {or definitely according your daddy and me...but i have to throw in the "most likely" bc you never know what the Father has in store for us...} BE my baby forever.

and now, bc i did it for your siblings, some stats for scrapbookings sake

at your one month appointment you were 9lb 13oz, which was 50%.  you were also 50% height and head circumference.
you eat every three hours or so...6:30, 10, 1:30, 4:30, 6:45, 10pm {all approximations}
just as everyone told me it would be, you are at the mercy of your older siblings and their schedules much of the time.
DSC_0005 copy
so we are really lucky you are so laid back {or is that the REASON so many third children are "so laid back?!?" do we give them a choice?}
you clasp your hands in front of you like your brother did
you like to be swaddled like your sister
your smiles are open mouthed and lop sided.
and you used to cross your eyes sometimes
DSC_0229 copy
DSC_0243 copy
{youve stopped doing that now...does anyone know how to photoshop PUPILS?? ;) }
you made our "normal" sized family all of a sudden quite large.
DSC_0197 copy
DSC_0195 copy
DSC_0199 copy
we live in total chaos most of the time but we are learning to embrace it.
never a dull moment

i just knew i would send out valentines cards to the masses since i couldnt manage christmas cards this year...BUT its come and gone and the best i ccould do was the handful for your classmates and an easy blog post...no cards.
i promise you will have a birth announcement
you might be twelve but your birth WILL be announced

jacob, i am so in love with you
DSC_0252 copy bw
we all are
thanks for being so great sweet boy

you help make this mommying thing so worth it


  1. LOVE! That is all! :-) Love ya'll, La

  2. oh my goodness, what a sweet post. I love how much you love your children! Wonderful!

  3. You are beautiful and Stephen is manly and your babies are 100% sugary goodness.

  4. How beautiful are those pictures of you and Jacob? He's precious.

  5. Love the picture of Jacob holding his head up...growing so fast. Love you

  6. So sweet. Seriously, a few tears as I read along. He is precious, so sweet and these posts always intensify my baby fever :)

  7. Great pictures of you Nat!!!

  8. What a beautiful post! What a beautiful family! So much love.
    Some really great pics - some gorgeous, some cute.
    Love yall :)


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