just another day in the life

my littlest isnt looking so little anymore
i somehow forgot that these babies grow, and they grow very quickly.  im not sure how i feel about it.
Tummy time Jacob
hes not a big fan of "tummy time" but we are figuring things out
Tummy time Jacob close up
 DSC_0652 copy
DSC_0657 copy

this one wants to do everything her big brother does, including climb up on our bed
DSC_0568 copy
so i help her on the stool
DSC_0570 copy
and she realizes im watching and pretends pitiful
DSC_0571 copy
shes a feisty one this gal
DSC_0587 copy
and recently learned how to take off her diaper
DSC_0604 copy
i however will not be allowing her to do THIS any time soon

stephen and i decided to start date-nighting every other thursday {bc every thursday is a little head-in-the-clouds-ish not to mention EXPENSIVE}
Date night

he also took me shooting.
it might have felt a little too good to pull that trigger and shoot a paper turkey's head off.
i dont know what that says about me

and now, switching to a domestic gear, i finally sewed a pillow for the glider in jacobs room. {emorys old flower pillow wasnt cutting it}
 Jacobs pillow
this is definitely a momma-of-three-children sewing job...no welt or zipper or even seams.
it took me five minutes and its done.
that, that = fabulous

and now i would like to ask why we saw three glorious days of sun just to be clouded over again with a weeks forecast worth of RAIN? i love myself a good thunderstorm but seriously this is enough!
rain rain go AWAY!!!!

i need some good ole vitamin d, how about you?


  1. love this post! yes, i know, they are growing TOO fast!!! we need to setup a play date soon! miss you and your chilins!!

  2. Jacob is so cute! and Emory and her pink outfit are too cute! I am ready for the rain to go too, we are at the gulf and need to get some sunshine!!

  3. he's so cute! and looks like your other babies - how fun to have three littles that look like siblings! :) my two sisters and I all look different...

    and we started every other wednesday date night...it's glorious!

  4. We are going every other thursday date nights too!!! so excited!

    I miss you and the babes...late afternoon play time??

  5. Love all the pictures!!! We need to FaceTime soon - I miss those babies.

  6. Hahahahaha! Love that 4th pic of Jacob; My, he's growing so! And, I was grinning at the pictures of Emory, until I arrived at the naked baby pic in the highchair. Then, I laughed out loud! Soooo funny. And Bennett was going way too fast!
    So glad you had the "shoot the turkey's head off", sewing project, and date night moments. You deserve them! And thank you,for this fabulous post :)

  7. Our date nights have disappeared... might have to get them back up and running.

    Nothing wrong with a 5 minute pillow. Better than no pillow in my book!

    Gray is growing like a little weed over here... already over 13 pounds. I can't believe it.

  8. ah jacobs tummy time pic cracks me up. and those pics of em are so HER! so glad yall are having date nights! PERFECT!


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