Easter: a new beginning

thats what it really is, isnt it?
two days before that very first easter, so very long ago, it all could easily have been mistaken as the end. 
but God took what was broken and made it whole again, and gave us the biggest blessing the world has ever seen:

Easter is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays, and the events leading up to and now following this years beautiful Sunday had a great deal to do with it.
ive mentioned this before, but the past four months have been a little....consuming.
hectic, blurry, emotional, and overwhelming.

im aware much if not all of it was hormonal, coupled with intense sleep deprivation.
but spring has brought with it what feels like a new beginning...and the old me.

our spring break was jam packed with playdates, picnics, excursions, jumpy houses, parties at the beach, family movies, forts in the den, baby showers, grilling with friends, gardening {a month late!}, lots of being outside, wonderful sunday worship, easter lunch of ribs, new potatoes and asparagus {insanely delicious}, and a forgotten extra day off of school today....yeah we and a dozen other people showed up at the kids school today to find the doors locked and the lights off.  who takes of an extra monday for spring break?

Birthday cake
Em easter egg
Em Easter egg 2
B and em Easter egg
Family movie

DSC_0892 copy
DSC_0919 copy
DSC_0915 copy

and finally, attempts at easter sibling pictures...how DO people do this????
DSC_0900 copy
DSC_0901 copy
DSC_0905 copy
DSC_0907 copy
DSC_0908 copy

lets just say for the record we are NOT worried about this one being sandwiched by her two brothers...
DSC_0909 copy

we took advantage of our "extra" spring break day and spent it outside gardening and/or digging in the dirt/putting dirt in our hair/possibly eating dirt.  im looking forward to actually maintaining this garden UNpregnant this year, for the first time in three years. 
it felt better than i could explain to you to be out in the sun, sweating, covered in dirt.  the smell of tomato and basil plants make me weak in the knees.
i have great plans for my little sunny garden space, and maybe this year i might actually get to realize a few of them. 

pictures to come! heres to a wonderful spring, or whats left of it! im a sucker for warm days and cool nights, a luxury in these parts :)

happy easter!


  1. aw i'm glad that em and b got a second go round in their precious flower girl/ring bearer outfits. the pics of your 3 babes are awesome.
    and random - but your eyebrows look great in the pic of bennett and you. beautiful!

  2. Love this post!
    Love all of you

  3. pretty babies, pretty table, pretty you! the cake is hilarious. and simms had this random monday off too. and good friday. and all of last week! easter bunny brought her one of those cabbage patch babies too! if you haven't yet, smell her face (the doll's :) ) they smell just like the original CPK!

  4. i am loving this spring too. love all those baby pictures and crack up at the craziness of them.

  5. love this post! ever since I have my first baby...easter has a whole new meaning - and I love it.
    I wish we lived near...your couch pictures crack me up - and look way too familiar... :)

  6. Wonderful day! And these pictures...well, I am STILL laughing! :-) Love ya'll, La

  7. Glad you're feeling good! Yay for spring!

  8. ahh, nat your post had me smelling the dirt, tomatoes and basil, tasting the spring new potatoes and asparagus, and hearing the commotion of picture taking.
    Cute babies in Easter outfits! Love yall:)


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