tortoise shell

OR "Guddy the Wonder-Turtle"

let me tell you a rather unbelievable tale...and forgive me if i say "crazy" one too many times...

a year ago, my mom and bennett brought home a "rescue" turtle {story HERE}.  bennett aptly named him guddy and i drew a white "g" on his back, as my parents used to do with our rescue box turtles.

we placed him in our back yard and never saw him again.

that is until yesterday.
i was driving back home after dropping the kids of at school when i saw a turtle crossing the street in our neighborhood.  i stopped to pick him up and place him in a neighbors yard for safety when i saw a bit of white on the back of his shell.  as i walked up to him i saw a bright white "g".

im sorry but does anyone else find this crazy??!!!  over a year later, not only is guddy the turtle is ALIVE, but he made it out of our fenced in back yard, down our huge steep hill of a front yard, across several streets, through yards, past all sorts of dangerous turtle-eating predators im sure, back to the original spot my mom and bennett rescued him a year ago!


and then to top it off guddy the wonder turtle managed to vertically scale a plastic laundry basket and make it down our back steps and disappear into the wide wide world beyond, all while i was picking up the kids from school.  so, excited bennett came home to an empty laundry basket and only a cell phone picture to show for his beloved turtle guddy {who he asked about as recently as two weeks ago}.
more or less, this is what happened

and now to honor guddy the wonder turtle, some tortoise shell inspiration for you and your home.

have always loved it, will always love it.

part of me thinks bleaching or painting them white kind of takes away from a big part i love about the turtle shell, but this one is nicely done and there is always something really appealing and subtle about groupings of white items.

and now to end with one of my favorite interior images of all times...and notice the turtle shell in the upper left corner...never noticed it until now!
here is another shot of the same room

**of course i only support the display and use of real turtle shells that are antique or have been shed naturally, or resin replicas.**

and in extremely tacky blogger fashion, i did this whole post without noting the sources and now im just lazy.  please forgive me.  im sure if you click on the link it will tell you where it came from in the address bar...


  1. Love, love, love the story of Guddy the Wonder Turtle! I can't stop smiling and laughing.

  2. aw Guddy! that is too cool. maybe he will make an appearance again a year from now!

  3. wow i cannot believe yall re-found guddy!!! miss yall

  4. As I was reading I was anticipating you saying he'd returned, but then I was like no way...that'd be, yep, CRAZY! Hilarious story!

  5. You're right...that is CRAZY! I can't say I care for the actual turtle shells in the decorating but I love love that first watch =)

  6. Love this-- the story and the tie to design.

  7. oh Nat, I can't BELIEVE he snuck away before Bennett got to see him! I was sooo excited to hear you crossed paths with him. Yes, crazy story, and yes, I've always loved tortoise shell.

  8. Very cool turtle story! I wish Bennett had seen him! Love ya'll, La

  9. love this! had fun at dinner last night and so great to catch up!!


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