pretty-ing the camp

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things are moving right along up at "the camp" {or whatever you want to call it.  weve decided there really is no good 'name' for it, but seeing as everyone down south - including our families - has always called places where hunting takes place 'the hunting camp,' and therefore 'the camp,' it will continue to be called that.  even though there exists a great canyon of a chasm between what once 'was' the camp and what now IS the camp...}

...so i thought id update with some pictures.  see past posts here
{and again let me preface this with:this is NOT my house.  its a house i designed for my parents.  i love them for building it and letting me have this amazing opportunity.  oh, and for giving me life.}

some people asked for floor plans and exterior pics...
C:\Users\Natalie\WORK\JOBS\SETZLER LAND\A2.1 Model (1)
{main floor...dont know if its legible...}  

{master bedroom and bath windows, upstairs bonus room}

{laundry room windows}

{entry and porte cochere..and lotsa muddy trucks}

{gun room and downstairs bath}

{upstairs bunkroom}

{downstairs bedrooms and screened porch}

{view from across lake...yes they finally have a lake! im still in awe of how you can dig a big hole and rain fills it with water...in a years time or so...}

as you can see the exterior of the house is very simple, which is why i was able to design the entire thing, working only with the contractor.  simple construction, simple roof lines, second floor fit within roof line.  i would never even attempt to do something more difficult than this...ok actually i did attempt something way more difficult than this for another client while i was drawing this house, but learned very quickly that my expertise + time allowance does in fact NOT allow me to do any "full scale" project more complicated than this!  and definitely not more than one at a time... life's lessons learned the hard way!

{newly 'installed' grass and fire pit my sisters and i gave my dad for christmas}

now inside:
{new lamp, wrong shade.  has since been switched out}
{drapes! black iron plumbing fittings + drop cloths}
{all the bedrooms will have these, not black out...just light filtering.  working room by room since my mom is sewing them herself.  four years ago i would have gladly offered my time. ;) now i can just offer instruction. ha!}

DSC_1037 copy
{new rug...in love.  ebay rules}

DSC_1035 copy

DSC_1030 copy

DSC_1043 copy
{my room and my "weed" pillow.  i love weeds i guess and there are some great ones around the camp.  i hope to find some this spring/summer and preserve them for framing in different bedrooms.  botanicals au naturale}

DSC_1056 copy

all for now! ill keep them coming as they happen! still quite a ways to go


  1. ahhhhhh....a little bit of heaven on earth. i'm loving this place.
    having so much fun watching the elements of 'decor' find its home here. shaping up, nat!!
    so glad (and lucky) to have you at the steering wheel!

  2. love seeing all the little details coming together. ben will be excited to know there are drapes in our room now and i will be glad when we get my bedroom pillows made! :)

  3. OK...fine....call it the camp, then.....BUT, I still think of the camp as that other place! :-) This is so gorgeous! Love the work in progress! And love ya'll, La

  4. love. cant believe ive only been there for an overnight ONE TIME.

  5. love the "weed" fabric... we just ordered a chair in that same fabric for the store. I've been calling it the sea grass chair!


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