Well hello again
I've already decided to fill this post with lovely images, simply to keep your tempers low and your spirits high.  Why?

Well because I've once again gone and changed everything up.
Just to annoy you a little more, and frustrate myself a bit too.

Seriously though, I'm starting to chant the "why fix it if it ain't broke" mantra over and over again as I find myself going back to so many of the "old" things we recently changed.  "Old" things that never had anything wrong with them to begin with...
One being the blog, along with many other "things" I won't bore you with here.
In each case the decision provides relief and happiness.

About the blog, let me clarify and say I never wanted to "get rid" of the old one...it's just that the blog became a little more than a place where my immediate family read about my pregnancy and life as a new mom.  And now that people I don't know, and clients, etc. read this blog...I just thought maybe I needed something a bit more professional than "theroefam."  I thought about it for over a year and just decided to do it.  Welllllllll that kind of crashed and burned.  That $@&* blog caused more trouble than, again, I even want to bore you with.  One thing after another to the point that I dreaded getting on and having to "deal" with it all.

After all... this is JUST a blog.
NOT something that should be bothering/annoying/stressing/frustrating me.

So I bit the bullet and spent the $10 it takes to purchase your own domain name for a year.  That way the old blog is STILL my "new blog" {for sentimental reasons, this = heart} AND I have a domain name that's a little more professional.  Therefore you can access the blog via www.theroefam.blogspot.com OR www.createlivedesign.com


Fun for all.


So, if you even care to or want to, you can gleefully change all your bookmarks or links or readers or whatever BACK to www.theroefam.blogspot.com OR www.createlivedesign.com


And, to thank you for dealing with my schizophrenia, there will be a giveaway or two this upcoming week.


Bless you all and God Bless the Broken Road that brought me back to theroefam.
Where I belong


{all pictures are from my garden&outdoor board on pinterest...I would be a very happy lady if all my outdoor spaces looked remotely like these}


  1. Yay!!!Yay!!!!! Gorgeous pics....could I just have those hydrangeas please??? LOVE this blog...It is the first thing I check every day because of course, I love ya'll! :-)

  2. So long as there is still a blog to read by you, I am happy! :)

  3. Gorgeous pics. Just what I needed.

    Blogging should always be a value add to life... the second my blog becomes anything but that, I will have to really reconsider what I'm doing. I feel ya!

  4. haha! glad i'm not the only one who thinks and thinks about a decision, finally makes it, then regrets it, then feels relief when I undo it. trust me i TOTALLY understand and if you're schizophrenic so am I. glad you just did what you needed to do and what feels right!! i personally like theroefam best :)!

  5. I am with Rachel! As long as I can read about you and your family I am happy...wish I liked to do yard work to move my yard closer to an part of those pictures. Love you

  6. Welcome, Home; or Back!
    Love your blog; your inspiration, variety, the babies!!!!
    (And wouldn't I too love if my outdoor spaces resembled those lovely shots of serenity)


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