Just as most playrooms, our playroom is a room full of the "leftovers"...a place where the house's unused and replaced furniture goes to die.

A white ikea bookshelf from my first home office, check.
A dark olive green loveseat from my inlaws old cabin at Steelwood, check.
A rustic brown chest of drawers related to that big old chunk of wood from Stephen's childhood, check.
An old big box square tv {remember those...?}, check.
A VCR, blue ray player without wireless capabilities {um when did THAT become old?...now I feel pathetic}, check.
A spray painted broken lamp that used to be in our den atop my little sister's old nightstand, check.

Throw in those primary colored floor tile things, an unused train table, and every other mismatched toy known to man and there you have it.

Believe me, there are many other spaces in my home I could/should be spending my time on but for the room that rivals being the most used {at least hardest used} room in the house, this just isn't cutting it.
It is very minimally organized, leading to a playroom that looks like this most of the time

Messy playroom

and while I know it is just a playroom....I also know that if it stresses me out to clean it, I KNOW it overwhelms Bennett {and one day Emory} to no end.  And I just want it to be clean SOME of the time ;)
So there are some changes that need to be made.
To start off with, the room is painted BM Philipsburg Blue
a lovely deep dark blue not unlike the new color I put in Jacobs room.  It's much bluer though and I LOVED it when my home office for work was in that room, pre-children and pre-self employment.  I didn't so love the color anymore when the room became a guest room and I like it better as a playroom color but generally I'm over it.
It's just too dark and, combined with the floor tiles, creates a willy wonka inspired space full of high energy and chaos.

I'm thinking we need something much more organized, neutral {bc enough color comes from the toys and kid's artwork}, with designated spaces {for reading, coloring, watching tv, playing}, somewhere to hang their art work {bc the side of the refrigerator isn't big enough anymore}, and an overall more calming feeling.  
Here are some pictures of spaces that are inspiring this playroom makeover:

Source: google.com via Natalie on Pinterest

We tackled the nitty gritty today {sorting/organizing toys, rearranging furniture}.
A big change was that the once-beloved-but-now-never-used train table is gone, and stored in the attic for hopeful future use...please oh please let Jacob like trains....!
and has been replaced with a kids table with an old wooden top...perfect for coloring


The painter is coming Monday and I can't wait for the change! 


  1. oh fun changes! i bet the babies will love the result and i cant wait to see it!

  2. and ps- bennett with a power tool is almost too much to handle

  3. Cannot wait to see b&a photos. Our playroom is fairly new... but after LIVING in it... I'm needing to do some things to it. You're movitivating me!

  4. Love before and after jobs...look forward to pictures of the progress. Love you.

  5. Wow, your inspiration certainly does look clean and helps show off the colors of the toys. A fun end of summer project to involve the whole fam!
    Love love the table and chairs. It will no doubt have years ahead of Roe use.
    I await the 'reveal'.

  6. can't wait to see this! :) and...I am about to put the train table up...but he JUST turned 3!!! he doesn't use it at all anymore...


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