Sometimes these brainless posts are the most fun...

Just a quick snapshot of the random things I'm loving right now


A. Modcloth Statement to Be Clutch...don't own it, but love the colors
B. Old Navy's Active GoDRY Tees...part of my "I'm wearing work out clothes but the most working out I've done today is manhandle my three kids out of the house" wardrobe
C. Elastic hair ties like these...they are all kinds of expensive unless you make them yourself {I did not} or buy them from a friend {this I did}
D. Visual Comfort's Large Vendome Chandelier in Hand Rubbed Antique Brass...I covet for my dining room and my eight foot ceilings.  Am determined to make this work.  Somehow.
E. Tom's Leopard Ballet Flats...still want, still don't have
F. Barber Wilsons Kitchen Faucet in brass
G. Benjamin Moore Millstone Gray...one of the options for client's kitchen cabinets
H. Print on Etsy
I. Bauble Bar Avocado Stud Cuff
J. GPJ Baker Seed Pod in Neutral/Duck Egg...for my foyer entry table!

And yes, I am loving the Bachelorette.  It makes my Mondays very happy, in that mind numbing entertainment sort of way.  We all need some mind numbing at times :)

I also wanted to put the Jasmine Bouqet candle by Chesapeake Bay from Target on there but I couldn't find any evidence that it even exists beyond my own living room.  So just know it smells great and is very inexpensive.

I have been doing some serious cooking recently, and the Pioneer Woman is much to thank.  I am yet to cook something of hers I don't like.  I love most of it, and at least like the rest.  Never dislike anything.  She is getting much better consistency reviews than Pinterest cooking {in my book}. 

But I have a wonderful summer recipe I will be posting soon:
Zucchini chips
Zuchinni Chips...I promise you will be downing an entire zuchinni before you even realized what you are doing.

That good. 

What are you loving right now?


  1. Love this kind of post... It's always fun to see what people are loving. Im into ezekiel bread with cottage cheese and cinnamon, coffee, the pool, date nights, And thee AC! Oh and absolutely my work out clothes (for days I work out and those that I don't!).

  2. yay! your board is so pretty - all the soft summery colors. I cant wait for the zuchinni chip recipe. I will be making asap.
    I'm loving: Mosley's haircut, our window unit AC's bc they work SOOO much better than central, our hardwood floors, cooking on my gas stove, my nivea body wash (trying something new besides dove soap), Revlon Fearless nail polish, onion rolls, and the fact that I'll be back in Alabama this coming weekend!

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  4. Hey, that manhandling three kids out of the house thing is quite a workout!

  5. love these last 2 posts! its ok for them to be quick and/or mindless... i need to learn that as well! :)


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