** I need to start this post off with a big WAR EAGLE ** 
** I am SO ready for football season {slash weather :)}**

Well, we made it through Isaac.  We are in one piece and after much preparation we didn't even lose power.  Now we lost power three of four times in the days leading up to Isaac....don't get me started...they were probably "testing" lines or something.  This is the first hurricane we've really been through of any significance with children since Ivan/Katrina {if I remember correctly}.  It's a bit different thinking about what you have to have stored up for kids to eat/drink/sleep on/DO during power outages.  Glad to know we are a bit prepared for the upcoming months if, God forbid, another scare happens.

During the hurricane we stayed inside and did things like:

organize my spice cabinet
{evidence shows I did cook regularly at one point in my life}
{I know I am not British but seriously I always want to put an "s" in "organise" instead of the "z".  
Too much Downton Abbey I suppose... {never}}

make a pillow and blanket for Emory's bunny family bed, because she wore out the sign language sign for "blanket" trying desperately to ask me where one was.  Her bunny was getting chilly
Bunny bedding

work/play on a clients office
His office

I cooked this last night and it was really easy and very good. 

Direct quote from Stephen "This doesn't look like it is supposed to taste as good as it actually does."  So there is his stamp of approval :)

And please be forwarned:
When cooking with soy sauce and enjoying an adult bottled beverage, do NOT place the two in close proximity.
Beer vs soy sauce
While tossing some beer in a dish isn't offensive, nearly taking a sip of soy sauce IS.

These two are really starting to play together.  A LOT.

I think it's the whole "speaking in two word sentences" thing Emory does now.
They can converse

Really want to find somewhere to use this leather chair
Leather chair too
Leather chair
Made with one piece of leather.  Let me know if YOU want to use it somewhere. 

I love fabric
and if you love it like me, then do NOT read the designer's attic blog or you will be very poor.

And now on an extremely personal note...a week ago my youngest baby boy had an incredibly scary fall that resulted in a broken elbow.  
 Broken baby
{besides the nastiness within the blue circle, PLEASE look at the michelin-man-esque encasing those sweet baby bones have.  pure heaven}

There have been tears and prayers and eventually praises that all it was was a broken elbow.  I think seeing your child, no matter the age, in pain is hard enough.  But there is something about a helpless infant, who completely depends on its parents for everything, being hurt that is just nearly unbearable.  Daily now we are great as he completely seems to not even know anything is wrong.  He definitely doesn't use it as his "dominant" arm, but he uses it just fine, without tears or what would be described as "pain".  All signs point to a 100% recovery.
Sleepy baybee
{night of the fall}

But needless to say his daddy and I are SCARRED and ready for this whole "thing" to be behind us.
{holding his bottle like a champ.  children are SO resilient}

As if I needed ANOTHER reason to be even more unhealthily obsessed with my littlest butter bean.
DSC_0139 copy
{attempting blue steel}

DSC_0140 copy
my heart


  1. That dinner looks delish!! And Jacob is your twin right now!!

  2. Do you do anything for the break - cast or bandage of any kind? Those last pictures of Jacob do make you want to eat him up...I really love the fish fabric...Hope our littlest man is on the road to recovery. Love you all!

  3. AHHHHHHHH! 1. Such a chunk of precious! 2. B-man and Em are pretty adorable too! 3. Every bunny SHOULD have a new blanket during a hurricaine.....and 4. could you please come work on organiSing my pantry????? :-) Love y'all, La

  4. I want to kiss Jacob on those cheeks!! Soooo cute!

  5. I pinned that same recipe a few weeks ago but have held off on making it simply because of the appearance! Glad to know it's yummy. And that Jacob is just adorable. I think I would just squeeze him all day!

  6. The cutest 'butter bean' I know!
    Loving the big bro/little sis relationship that is unfolding. They are so cool :)
    That leather chair is so good looking...
    Beware of soy

  7. Loved the update. So sorry about Jacob's elbow :( bless him!

  8. sweet jaco looks edible in those pics! i love the bunny bed and love seeing em & b play together....


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