My Master Bedroom...workin' on it

Of course I thought when I posted about my master bedroom months and months ago that it would be a quick project and I would have an "after" to show in a timely manner. As so many things are, this was not the case :)

BUT after sitting on this fabric for all those months and months and months I still love it so I'm going with it.  I wanted to make sure it was classic and I wouldn't tire of it in a few months or years.

Pillow fabric

I plan on doing three Euros and then one or two smaller pillows in front, probably in a dusty blue linen, to match the border on my nightstand slipcovers.

I made "slipcovers" out of drop clothes right after I wrote that post way back when, and I have liked the softening effect it has on our bedroom full of dark wood.
{they were modeled off these}

I have enjoyed our current lamps just fine but am feeling like I will want something brighter once I get all the pillows done.

{this looks a little too blue though}

{the last few are quite out of my price range but a girl can dream}
{or I insert by dreams onto my clients}
Agatha lamp
{client's recently completed guest bedroom}

I also plan on making slipcovers for the two Target benches at the end of the bed. I have questioned even having them, because they just collect STUFF and add to the mess, but I love fabric and would rather see pretty box pleats vs our bed's wooden foot board upon entering my room

I plan to do something like this

out of fabric similar to this

and finally replacing my you-gly floral drapes with some soft white linen ones.

pictures sooner than later but no promises :)


  1. I love that fabric too! Great choice.

  2. Remember your showing me that fabric, a good while back ;) Still love it! it's gonna look great with your nightstand skirts.
    Will wait for the reveal ;)

  3. gorg. fabric! love it. and the lamps!!! they get me every time. lighting is ALWAYS the first thing i notice in a space. splurge. but if you want a steal, i adore the gourd laps on our dresser in the MB. I'm staring at them as I type. here is a link - http://www.furniturerow.com/BedroomExpressions/Bristol-Lamp-Group/Bristol-Lamp/prod120108/
    and those slips are gonna be ca-uuute!!

  4. how about some pictures of your finished client's spaces?!?! i have not seen any of them!!

  5. I've been on my work computer constantly lately, and it has me blocked from commenting on blogs (tear!). ANYWAY, I LOVE all your posts lately and I cannot wait to see your room re-do! Your children are PRECIOUS! That baby cannibalism thing? OMG I totally get it! Could eat C up!!! We want to see you guys next trip to Mobile!


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