{first day of school breakfast and an "I love you" for the photographer :) }

I am loving the kid's schedule this year...Bennett is in Pre K 4, five days a week half day and Emory and Jacob are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9-1.  Its perfect - after coming in to town late on Sunday's I only have to get one child ready for school and can spend Monday at home unpacking and laundry and making a grocery list.  {Also as my mom reminded me all school holidays seem to be on Mondays so this way we never miss a day! ha!}. And then whatever I don't get done on Tuesday I can do on Wednesday.  Thursday is a fun day with my two littles, and then I have Friday to get ready to leave town if that happens to be the case.  It's wonderful.

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Even though we are a few weeks in, I am still on the fence with sending Jacob three days.  I know I need to with work right now but I miss my little babe.  He still takes two naps a day and going to school three days a week means that three days a week he doesn't get that first nap.  Of couorse it doesn't seem to affect his laid back self in the least and he takes a killer afternoon nap while Emory naps too.  That is quite nice :) 

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Emory has the cutest teacher and I love her coming home with projects and seeing everything they did everyday written on the board outside their classroom.  She still seems like such the baby to me {compared to everyone in her class} and her birthday being at the end of September means that next year all her little friends will be moving on to PreK 3 and she will stay back in 2 yr old Mothers Day Out.  :( I'm a little sad about that but hopefully she won't know anything different and enjoy being the oldest in her class for a change {??}

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Bennett is having a blast and was so ready to go five days a week.  His teacher is amazing {she was his enrichment teacher last year and is everything you would think a pre-k teacher should be: bubbly and warm and excited and loving and personable}.  He is looking so old to me these days and so skinny.  I can still catch glimpses of his toddler belly every now and then but honestly he is all legs and arms and not as "compact".  He also looks a lot like his daddy {insert smiley blowing a kiss}

We've been cheering on our "war eagle hey" team every weekend but it hasn't really helped the Auburn cause.  We are not fair-weather-fans though and anyone who went to that school knows why!  Being an Auburn fan/graduate is one of my proudest accomplishments! :) War Eagle! :)
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{Emory wasn't in the smiley-est mood possibly because she was so serious about 
getting to hold her cousin.  Sweet little momma}

DSC_0241 copybw
love these little stinkers!!!

DSC_0238 copybw


  1. those are basically pictures of my hear and soul right there. i miss my babies so terribly. they are so beautiful. bennett is such a BOY now and yes looks so much like stephen. i love emmy's bow and her girly lashes. and jacob is the cutest butter bean ever. cant believe how big wells is getting too!! geeze i miss them

  2. Love the new "school" pictures. They are growing so!!!!
    My four babies picture is in my phone wallpaper

  3. Thank you for the picture update...they are growing up so fast. Love all of you very much.

  4. ah could your babies be any cuter? love scool pics & LOVE cousin pics!!

  5. I LOVE how serious she is about holding baby cousin! you have some sweet, sweet babies :)

  6. absolutely ADORABLE pics! glad the school year's are off to such good starts and yay for you and your new found {well deserved} little bit of freedom! :)

  7. they are so cute!!! and i'm glad emory is holding back a year because now she'll be in Sally's class :)


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