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We have been loving the cooler weather, I've been dabbling in the art of coffee {I like french vanilla}, we have not left town due to call schedule or events every weekend so far, we visited our church's pumpkin patch, the kids all were out sick FOR A WEEK {whew... glad that weeks over!}, we welcomed the return of some of our favorite tv shows {that may sound lame but this summer I spent way too much time on my computer working at night and therefore did not have the best sleeping habits as my mind never had a chance to veg and slow down!}, and after emptying my big camera's memory card {a Nikon D90 for those who asked}, I finally started using it again.
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...And since have discovered my settings are way off as the orange in all these pictures looks neon!
I will attempt to fix but just as my blogging know-how and familiarity has wavered due to lack of use, so has my camera's ;)
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I thought fall would bring about a new commitment to blogging {and reading blogs} but I still haven't found the balance.  I want to get back to the blogging habit {and, hey, while I'm at it...all you other bloggers out there that I miss need to, too} but that's just it, when you get out of the habit of something it takes awhile to make it a habit again.  I honestly do not miss all the time I used to waste reading so many blogs I didn't really care about but I do miss those favorite few out there as well as the record keeping of my own blog...for the kid's sake and for the future...since I am by no means a scrap-booker or photo album keeper...I only get pictures printed when I need to fill a frame {bad bad bad Natalie}.
It makes me laugh, and feel a little sad, when I read back on all of Bennett's detailed posts and then realize poor Jacob and Emory hardly have half that many between them to share. 
What do YOU do in this crazy digital age, when you may take 500 pictures in one day, maybe edit three if you ever find the time, and have others you like....do you print everything? Take the time to just print the few you like? What about everything else? I know the bottom line is TIME to sit and do it all...and that is definitely a luxury ;)
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{at Seward Farms this past weekend...Bennett was feeling the Tiger Pride despite Auburn's 
less-than-admirable performance {I'm trying to be nice...}}
I'm thinking I need to make photo books for each child, for each year...or just one photo album for each year with everyone combined? My mom made photo albums for EACH of my sisters and me, each and every year till we graduated high school.  I guess that's why I have it in my head to do it that way but maybe it would be easier to just do a family photo album...sorry I'm thinking about all of this "outloud" but I would LOVE any recommendations out there...I've used and loved Blurb in the past but any other program you recommend?

A huge thank you in advance!
I'm trying to slow work down a bit and will try not to take on any big projects until the New Year {we will see if that happens ;)} and the idea delights me. 
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More time with these butter beans...and maybe some dear TIME to be used for photo-booking!


  1. LOVE LOVE these "real" camera photos. BEAUTIFUL!

  2. The picture of baby Jacob in your hubby's arms is beautiful. Frame worthy, for sure.

  3. Love the updated photo...miss see your little ones in person. Love to all of you

  4. So many great pictures of your fam!
    I thought the picture of Emory with the cap on backwards was Bennett! Looked again; saw the ruffle on the pants hem; whew!
    Glad fall is here!

  5. My Uncle is a Photography teacher at South Alabama and one of his favorite sayings is "Mama don't let your babies grow up to be jpegs! " In this digital age of photography he is so right....we take hundreds and thousands of pictures and never print them....PRINT PRINT PRINT :)

    1. That's hysterical and so sadly true...I probably have 20 pics printed of H from 2 weeks thru 4 years old! Shameful for sure.

    2. i know! my babies are jpegs!!! ahhhhh!!!

  6. Shutterfly photobooks. They are great! They are an easy, fast way to scrapbook for your family. Upload your images straight to the site and make a photobook along and along for the year.

  7. love the new pics! oh and dont worry - my photo albums ended at the beginning of 9th grade. guess momma doesnt love me as much as yall. hehe jk ;)

  8. Great photos. I recently cleared off my photo card--- poor Gray has no real pics except on my iphone from June to October. I'm TERRIBLE. I still have Collins' first year book floating out in Blurb land. I need to start on his second year. Oh, and Gray is over 9 months old so I could do his first, too. I think my goal is to knock all three of those out in January after Gray turns 1. Email me to remind me, please?!

  9. I've been thinking about the same issue with baby pictures and I love the idea of child specific books - they'd end up including lots of family shots I'm sure but then the books can be easily passed to the kids versus purchasing multiple family books to pass on to them...let us know what you decide =)

  10. there it is; in print. i am held accountable - rachel is right; her photo album does not go beyond beginning of 9th grade :(.
    (To make an excuse for my lack of recording, you all had cameras and were shutterbugs, all keeping your own albums of all that you were doing).
    I guess I could move them over to 'momma's photo books' :/

  11. Yeah, photo albums ... what are those?! I only have one, so what's my excuse?! PS, tell me you LOVE that Phil & Ted's stroller - we just bought it. Only need the one-seater for now, but you know ...


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