1.  Zara - Yes, that's right, I'm breaking out of my Old Navy and Target shell.  Trying to aim more long-lasting and "signature" for my post-three-babies wardrobe.  I still love me some Tarjay convenience, and I am still a big fan, but perhaps not clothing myself solely in their wares.

 {I bought this faux leather cardigan recently and have LOVED wearing it...very cute}

2.   Someone please let me put these Currey and Company pendants over your kitchen island...please

3.  I might not be the person to ask about "good coffee", and I realize and own that...BUT I really like this :)

4.  Honeycrisp apples...these and Pink Ladies are my apples of choice...and they alternate seasons so I'm both a)happy year round and b)spending lots of money on apples {around $2.60-$2.99/lb for honeycrisp at WalMart! sheesh}

5.  Benjamin Moore Millstone Gray...doing kitchen cabinets in this color for a client right now and I have already seen some of the painted product and it's GORGEOUS...one of those colors that has a lot of depth and subtlety.

6.  Pinterest cooking...always hit or miss but recently it's been a big HIT! {that orzo and asparagus and tomato pasta on the bottom left of the picture is a wonderfully light lunch}

7.  My new dining room chandelier! Out with the Lowes builder home special, in with the waited-way-too-many-years-for-this-beauty.  I am definitely a fan of large scale lighting so I did not let my eight foot ranch house ceilings stop me.  I do my bible study on this table every when-I-wake-up-early-enough-in-the morning and I have to be honest...she makes the space so NICE.  With my cup of French Vanilla in hand ...

8.  Two local stores: Carter and Company, and Five Gold Monkeys.  Carter and Company is a new "everything" boutique-type housewares store and has awesome accessories for your home, a few clothing options, jewelry, art, furniture, etc...all at great prices.  The shop owners have excellent taste. 
{my recent purchase...looking very staged because it was...sent it to my sister...
no I dont make a habit of staging my jewelry purchases}

Five Gold Monkeys is a local fabric/interiors store that just completely re-did their approach to business by offering up booths in the back of the store for individuals to rent out, sort of like an antique store does.  Now they have everything from monogramming to children's clothing to pillows and drapes to housewares to artwork and everything in between.  It is quickly becoming my go-to for cute miscellaneous decorative items for work {and my own house}.  Just bought this awesome reclaimed wood mirror for a client's Cabana bathroom

9.  My 50mm lens.  I always go through spells of using and not using my big camera, but I've pulled it out recently and have been reminded of just how much I love this {inexpensive} lens.  And how happy I am that I have a camera that can finally auto-focus it!

10.  And finally, this fabric for my {one day} dining room drapes.  I had always imagined white linen but when I saw this fabric I just knew it was it.  I think it will add just the pop of pattern and color in my dining room/den, but not in a way that I will get tired of it. :) As previously mentioned in my post about the kids playroom....who knows when I will actually a)purchase said fabric and b)have said drapes made.  But hey, this is a very good step in the right direction!

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Well, I'm loving some of the same things! That drapery fabric is perfect! since you have already shown me, I can attest that it does indeed look fabulous in your space and just the right pop. The mirror is beautiful, and I too like that Five Gold Monkeys has gone to this format. (Haven't been to Carter and Company, but will now :)
    Your chandelier is beautiful! I bought me some Honey Crisp last week, and I'm excited about the prospect of some new children pics with the 50mm lens :)

  2. I love Zara. Come visit me and I'll take you to the store :)
    Nice new jewelry! Krystal wore those same earrings this weekend. Very fun.
    OMG I FREAKING LOVE THE CHANDY! So proud you finally bit the bullet. Bootifull
    And yes. Take more pictures of the babies with that lens ;)
    Miss you

  3. Love this round up. I had that fabric swatch pulled for my cafe curtains in my kitchen but they didn't have a color that worked. But several pretty ones... saw them when I was at Lewis and Sheron the last time. Chandelier is great... I know you are excited about that!I recently purcahsed that camera lens and love it!

  4. Love. Love. Love. Your new chandelier. And I'm going to look for that coffee.

  5. beautiful new light fixture!!!! i havent heard of carter & company- where is it? glad you bought yourself some new fun clothes :) and i hope you get those drapes made sooner than later- they will be awesome!


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