Sometimes I want to blog, but I get overwhelmed thinking about all the pictures of the kids I need to sort through that I just abandon the effort.  I thought I would post something for the sake of posting {:)} and since my mom and sisters made me make a "wish list" this week I thought I would share it here {and pinterest}:

1.  desk calendar {for, you know, when I clean off my desk to a point that I can actually sit there and look at a desk calendar}
2.  vest {I always seem to gravitate towards putting black on black and would love something to help break it up a little}
3.  garden journal/notebook  {when I was looking at next year's calendar I found this awesome journal for gardens.  I've been telling Stephen for the past couple years that I really need to make a binder to remind myself when to plant/what to plant so I can be more organized and actually get more out of my garden season to season.  The only problem is that it requires me putting a binder together...this looks to solve that very big problem.}
4.  print {reminds me cheesily of Stephen and me}
5.  a PLANNER!! {in the midst of a world of high tech gadgets I still depend on hand written lists...grocery, menu, to do, errands, work notes, etc.  I decided I was going to try to get more organized this upcoming year after my sister sent me a link to her favorite planner.  I researched every site I could think of and finally found one that has exactly what I want...individual days on one side, and a place for general notes on the right.  Plus, it's by Moleskine, my journal of choice in college}
6.  earrings {ever since the giveaway I've been eying these beauties.  love them.  and since I am allergic to bee stings it makes perfect sense that I would want a constant reminder of them close by at all times}
7.  watch {I wear my walmart special timex everyday but the army green just doesnt cut it for church/weddings/dinners/etc type situations...much to my disappointment}
8.  bookends
9.  shirt {bc everyone needs a chambray shirt}

You know I really could keep going....for some reason I had no trouble quickly thinking up some things this year.  The reason for the season is not this, of which I am fully aware, but girls like to shop and shopping for me these days means making a wish list on the computer, then blogging about it ;)


  1. OH how our wish lists are similar!!! Two things: 1} Have you ever looked at the Mom Agenda? I LOVE it! I got the larger, hard backed one for work/home and it's fabulous. Desktop I think it's called? Check it out! 2} Chambray shirt from JCrew—I have that one and love it. Someone talked me into it to go with a random {orange corduroy} pair of pants, and I wear the shirt {and surprisingly the pants} ALL THE TIME {and more without the pants than with}. Shocked me. Good salesperson! How would you wear it? Love the wish list!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I hope you've been good this year! :)


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