and his first birthday....

These December THINGS we have {anniversary, two birthdays, Christmas, birthday parties...} really wear on a girl/family.  It's a little hard because there just isn't enough time in the month to do everything.  But it's not fair to NOT do things.  Bennett and Jacob's birthdays should not be combined or overlooked or simplified.  Emory's isn't.  Their's wouldn't be if they were born any other time of the year.  SO the trick is making it all happen without KILLING us.  We are still learning.  And hopefully by the time they are older and would actually notice the passing of time/importance of big deal making, they would also prefer, say, a trip to the movies with a couple friends as a birthday party... right?? ;)

Anyway, I was definitely NOT going to be away from my littlest baby on his birthday, so we left the NEXT morning for Disney.  But on Jacob's night, he ate this for dinner
Jacob eats a lot of cake

as every one year old should.

He made an absolute and utter mess.  The high chair was cleaned with an SOS pad and a whole bunch of elbow grease.  He was hosed down in the sink prior to bathing.


And then on the Wednesday before Christmas I decided I could not let the month pass without SOMETHING for my one year old, so a couple friends brought their similarly-aged babes over for a little birthday playdate two days later.  One of my best friends actually has a little boy who was born two days after Jacob, in the same hospital.  I visited with her family in the waiting room before I was wheeled out of the hospital with my new baby, while my friend was laboring in a room down the hall!  I feel so blessed we have these two babies so close.  We just know they will be BFF's for LIFE.  {;)}

B says "no WAY I am touching this cupcake THING"

{Jacob had no trouble inhaling his!}

and ps.  I got a little one of these
Mi Mac
for a combined anniversary/Christmas present and I am OBSESSED.  I've always had a PC for AutoCAD compatibility issues, but my old computer all but imploded on itself this past month.  So, I decided to empty it of EVERYTHING and get the computer that makes so much more sense for what I do daily on a computer.  And it is amazing.  What used to take 2 hours to do on my old computer {write a blog post, upload pictures, TURN THE COMPUTER ON, etc} now is done in a literal blink of an eye.  It definitely lives up to the hype.

so, I've made promises of blogging more, but with the old computer it just took up too much valuable time that I could/should be spending with my family and on work. Now, it's definitely something I can fit in.
{so, if you cannot tell, I am EXCITED about this ;) }


  1. What a FINE first birthday dinner! He looks like he TOTALLY enjoyed it! I am so glad! Love our Jacob and ya'll and all your December stuff! :-)La

  2. He is the most adorable baby. It ALMOST makes me think I could do another one. And also, Happy Birthday to Bennett tomorrow. It's my birthday, too. Ugh, 30. BTW, the Mac will change your life. I adore mine and have never had a problem with it. Even after two years of daily use. Love!

  3. Oh my gosh this is precious!! LOVE the cake mess and so sad we had to miss it!!!

  4. He is so cute! And he and Ryleigh would be great friends...they would spend the whole day eating!
    Cannot believe they have both turned 1...where on Earth did they year go?

  5. love that naked chocolate covered baby boy <3

  6. Happy Birthday to Jacob. So cute.

    Need more info on your new computer... Autocad... etc! Let's email!

  7. Oh, I could just eat him up! His happy disposition makes me smile. Love, Love!

  8. love that chocolatey mess!!!!

    you will LOVE ur mac!!!


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