{as Emory says}

2012 front

2012 back

I love our card this year.  Took me the shortest amount of time to make {as evidenced by the crooked red polka dots that seem to be falling off the card ;)}... probably because I am FULLY grasping the get.it.done. mentality these days.  Crooked polka dots and all.

However it did take several photo shoots that resulted in not a single acceptable picture of the three of them together.  I was completely fine with sending out a dud photo, but decided to do a little of both...cutesy individual pictures on the front, real life shots on the back.  I have every intention of posting my favorite outtakes of the three of them at some point.  Nose-bubbles and all {see top right picture of Jacob above!}.

Now to rest and watch some Christmas TV.  And sit.  And rest.  This Santa is pooped!

T minus two days until Bennett's birthday party
{I am crazy}


  1. really enjoyed this card this year too, as i got five (5) pics of each kiddo! thanks for directing me to the nose bubble! hahaha
    crooked polka dots; no problemo!

  2. Loved loved loved your card too!! So stinkin cute

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE THIS!!! I am catching up on all of my blog reading and keep coming back to this post!!!


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