Time for a recap! I am thankful and happy that all FIVE of us are in decent health.  The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving were quite sickly.  Mine lead to a sinus infection and the steroid shots and antibiotics did not do good things to my taste buds {of all the times for my taste buds to not be firing on all cylinders...}.

Thanksgiving Day itself was so hectic I didn't take a single picture of my three festively dressed kids together.  Jacobs first Thanksgiving.  Poor third baby.  ;(  The only pictures I got were of the older two drenching the porch in soapy liquid blowing bubbles

We spent the weekend at the camp with my family.  We had another monstrous meal and consumed more FOOD than rightly proper for any human being.  It was a successful Thanksgiving :)

Bennett asked about our elf Zero while at the camp that weekend...since he came the first of December last year this momma had completely forgotten that maybe he comes the day after Thanksgiving?  Anyway we brushed it off and Zero was waiting for us at home.  When Bennett found him, I actually got tears in my eyes and nearly had a heart attack just from the excitement of watching HIM get excited {ps I might die Christmas morning this year...OR when we tell Bennett we are going to DisneyWorld as his 5th birthday present!}.  He screamed like crazy, running around trying to find his daddy so he could show him that Zero came back.

Zero has already forgotten to change his hiding place a time or two so there has been some last minute {panicked} creative thinking.  One night he was hanging upside down from the fan in the den, cradling baby Jesus from the advent calendar {meaning of the season, right?}.  Another night he forgot to leave and Stephen told Bennett it was because he just got really comfortable in the tree and had a really good view.  Bennett bought it {as did I :)}.

We have also visited Bellingrath Gardens Christmas in Lights, as we do every year.  Bennett LOVED it, which is yet another reason I am SOOOO EXCITEDDDDD about surprising him with DisneyWorld. He just GETS it now, and I might pass out when we tell him. {...the morning we are going....he is waking up and getting his birthday present early! and then we jump in the car and go...BEYOND excited I tell you.}

Bennett had a pajama day at school today.  So the other two just kept their pajamas on, too.  Cute or lazy? :) I think a little of both!

I am loving this Christmas season. Thanksgiving was obviously early so we actually can sit back and enjoy the Christmas season {finally! it should always be this way}.  I am not stressed, Christmas shopping and cards are done {and mailed}.  You can shoot me now but honestly I am more than relieved to have a calm December for once.  Having infants the past two Decembers, two childrens birthdays a week before and after Christmas day, an anniversary, not to mention the actual holidays itself makes me feel a little "OK" with the fact that this years has been so laid back!
Maybe its just by comparison! ;)
{NOT our Christmas card picture...but a close runner up}


  1. as you know from our current gchat convo, i DIE for these pictures. you have some of the most preciously beautiful babies EVER.

  2. darling! DARLING!! all of a sudden Bennett look so grown up to me. you are going to have THE BEST time at Disney. I cried when I walked in the Magic Kingdom, so be prepared. it is so magical and perfect. bottle it up!! xo

  3. I believe it's only calm by comparison! Wild and wonderful time of year! OK,,,,the pic of Jacob in the bathtub is so cute! Not to mention those other munchkins---and it is true.....Bennett is SO grown up! Love the PJ pic...Miss E will be totally in charge in a very short time! :-) Love ya'll, La

  4. cute last picture! when are ya'll going to disney!? we are taking girls last week of jan and we are surprising them too!!! can't wait!!!!

  5. love all of these pictures!!! B looks so grown up in his jeans and dress shirt- jacob in bathtub is adorbs- emorys sprig of hair in a bow is cutie!!!


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